Spanish from Madrid looking for meeting international people in Madrid

Hi, My name is Monica, I am not an expat, just a Spanish from Madrid looking for meeting international people in Madrid.I lived for 2 years in London, ans still missing the international atmosphere
So if you wanna broaden your bunch of friends and meet natives, please drop me a line


Hi Monica,

I'm currently living in Bristol, UK and will be moving to Madrid to teach English on the 12/13th Sept. I'm also looking for a place to move into! Hopefully a flat share in a good part of town! My Spanish is ok, but it's been a while! I'd be interested in meeting other Spanish people who know the city well, not just ex-pats and teachers!
Hope to hear from you,


Hello Monica and Katie,

welcome on board  :)

I have created a new thread from your posts on the Madrid forum so that you get to interact easily.

@Katie, for accommodation, you may read the following article : Accommodation in Madrid and of course drop an advert in the Housing in Madrid section.

All the best,

Hi all.

My name is Juan Antonio, i´m spanish and i need practice my english. I need pratice my french too.
I would find people to practice both languages so they do not forget me.
I lived two years in Morocco where I learned French and, because of my work, I usually use technical English and I have to improve my conversation.
I, in turn, can help you better your Spanish. Anyone is encouraged?

If u need learn urdu
M here :-(
I need learn spanish.
Butt i have no frand.
I come from pakistan


I am moving to Spain in 2 weeks for work, if anyone wants to go for a drink, or do a language exchange!

Hello cat

Ok, write me when you"ll arrive to Madrid.

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