Conversion of Driving Licence in Oman

I am holding Malaysian valid driving license ( will expire in 2019) and also USA driving license  (expired in 2004) . Is it possible either of the above license could be converted into Omani driving license. if so,  what is the procedure for that.
if not, is any advantage to have these license in Oman.

Also, I need to know if I get International Driving Permit from Malaysia, is it possible I could drive the car in Oman with that.

Thanks in Advance.

I wish you success in your quest in Oman. I hope you can help me too.  I have a brother in Nigeria who is interested in a driving job in Oman. I hope you can help me with useful contact that can secure him a job.  i also hope our international license from here can equal Omani license?

International Driving Permit from Malaysia is not work in Oman.  I just convert from Qatar license to Oman license.  Is easy to do it.
Malaysia driving license , u will need to take a test . I think a valid USA driving license can convert.


    - 2 passport picture
    -License exchange form bearing the sponsor's signature and stamp.
   - Copy of the passport and residence permit.
    -The original driving license and copy of it.
    -The foreign license must have been issued at least one year back.

I have a Expired driving license from Kuwait(expired July 2017). I may get an opportunity to get a job and move to oman. Is there any chance i can transfer to Oman DRiving license.
Please Help

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