Living in Milan-- looking to meet new people to go out with

Hello everyone,
My name is Gabriella. I am new to this website and not so familiar with how this works...but I am living in Milan working as an English teacher, and would like to meet some new and interesting people. I am up for grabbing drinks or coffee, so if anyone is interested or could suggest some events or fun activities in the city, please let me know  :)

Hi, I do live in Milan and used to teach conversational English.  Are you new here?

Hi Gabriella,

my name is Ilaria, I'm italian and I live in Milan... I'm married with two kids aged 4. If you want we can meet for a coffee when you want.

Hope to hearing from you.

Hi, I'm also a teacher living in Milan. We should meet up sometime.
I'm English, 27, likes music...etc.
Cammie x


i speak English , and i would like to join you

Ok medam you tp number send iam call ok

Hi guys, why don't we just organise a get together one of these days?:)

Hi Gabriella...if you want I'm here for a cofee!

Let me know

I am in too...

I live in Venice and often come to Milan on weekend for chilling out and fun. I 'd like to catch up with you if you are willing

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