Moving to the Dominican Republic with kids


Moving abroad is an adventure for both parents and children: settling overseas is a challenge for each family member.

How was the move to the Dominican Republic for your kids?

How did they manage to adapt to their new environment?

Share with us your experience and advice on settling in Dominican Republic with children.

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Moving with kids here is no easy prospect.  First off the public education system is a joke. Yes it has improved some over the last couple of years but still is not very good.  Even the teachers are of poor quality and may not really qualified to teach. Every year a very high percentage fail their proficiency exams. So if moving with kids plan on paying, and it can be expensive, for private education.

Not having kids of my own here I really cannot answer on how hard or easy it is for the kids to adapt, but most I see seem pretty happy.

Bob K

Moving here with children is very different than moving here as single adults.  For me my child comes first.  Therefore I must have good medical care, live in a safe area close to other children, find a good school etc.  These all have expensive price tags.  As Bob says the public system is a joke.  I have my child in one of the best private schools in the area.  It is very expensive.  On his 3rd day of school this year (grade 1) , he broke his leg in the playground during recess.  However, the education is good, the teachers are good, the area is as safe as it gets.  Now I am not only paying for school that he will not be able to attend for the next 2 months I am also paying for a 24hr nanny and will have to keep up with the school work myself.  Where we live is relatively safe compared with other locations but I pay the price for that too and there are few children for my child to play with.  The hospital is close by and they handled the broken leg very well, thank goodness.  Also cost me some money despite the medical care plan that I have.  All in all I am ok with everything, but be sure you have all of this accounted for in your budget!

My child is a people person so he has found new friends (mostly at school), seems happy overall despite the life he left behind.  Sometimes asks for family and friends from back home, naturally, and misses some of the food that we used to have there that is either not available here or is very expensive.

All should be considered before making the move and I suggest that you do not consider buying property here until you have lived here in a rental for at least 1 year.

Hope this helps...

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Bob K

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