Planning move to Canary-islands :) - anybody from there to contact me?

Hey everybody :)  I just starting to plan to move to the Canary islands if there's somebody that got friends their that cancontact with me or got some information  it will be a pleasure :)

Keep smiling and enjoy your day😄

Hello Mati jones and welcome on board :)

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Tell the community a bit more about yourself please. What is bringing you to move to Canary Islands?


I'm here since July 2015 and it's beautiful . The weather is good and the beach life . The culture of the people including food and beliefs is very interesting

Which island? there are seven main islands, all different, and all worth a visit.

Wages are very low in the canary islands was 1 year in fuerteventura corralejo where the italians are taking over and now gran canaria the south

So since the italians are invading corralejo with their whole family impossible to find a place to live

Hi Mati, here it is my two cents, after spending 10 years living in Gran Canaria: … 26#3497979

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