newbies - Looking to retire from Canada

Hi, my hubby and I are retiring in a few years and have just started researching Panama for our retirement home.

We plan on visiting next year to get a feel of where we want to live.

I fell in love with Central America with a visit to Costa Rica in the early nineties and planned on retiring there.

  Fast forward 20 years and the cost of living has risen incredibly and would not be cost effective for us.

We are from Canada and love adventures, nature, wildlife, fishing, hiking, quiet places so we know the city life is not for us.

We have started learning Spanish which has been a lot of fun.

  We are healthy and active and maybe too young to truly retire. Lol!

Very interested in volunteering at a wildlife center or other great causes.

Based on your interests, you might investigate volunteer and other opportunities at an incredible organization in Panama - The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.

Good morning,
Check out A Canadian owned project located about 10 minutes from the Costa Rica border.
Has what you are looking for.

Boquete has been a great fit for us. We love the perfect temperatures, great food, low prices, and the loving crowd at Boquete Bible Fellowship church. Highly recommended!

Thanks for the response and link.  I can see a lot of opportunities in Panama that would keep me busy and fulfilled!

Hi my husband and I have purchased a condo in Punte Chame.  Will be ready some time early 2018.  We are planning a trip to Panama in early March and was wondering if there are any expats living in or near Punte Chame.

This is Robert and  Monika and we're coming to Panama and starting in Boquete in December 2016 for 3 1/2 week exploratory tour.
Nice hear there is ano achive church in Boquete as we find Christmas pretty disappointing most places we travel today.
Could you suggest several good places we could stay in Boquete area for 5 or 6 days starting Dec 13?
Thanks in advance.

Our good friends own this place and you can walk to town. … vince.html

Book early...December is the beginning of peak season here!

I was also thinking Chiriqui might be a good fit. There is a good size city here for shopping, health care, etc. The mountain areas are really gorgeous with many opportunities for enjoying nature. There is Boquete with a large expat community with many activities and volunteer groups. You can choose an elevation with a climate that suits you, and there are many living options from city to very remote and rural. It's great that you are learning Spanish. The people here are very welcoming and friendly. And, if you want to spend time in Costa Rica it's just a short ways down the road.

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