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Does anyone have suggestions for the best and cheapest way to transfer money from my Allianz Bulgarian account to my Bank of Ireland account in Ireland? I have to do this monthly.

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You can pull instant quotes from There is a small fee though thats to be expected and they don't profit on the exchange rate like other places so it makes it up there.

Bettter transfer for a few months at once. I have an account at the Piraeusbank and always I pay 20 lv commission for transferring money . They take a percentage of the amount with a minimum of 20 lv. For example for 7000 euro i pay 20 lv, but for 100 euro to transfer too 20 lv. So better transfer for a few months at onc

Hi Stroller,,google,,,"",,,cheaper than banks,,,eddie

Agree transferwise is the cheapest and Quickest, two days and your money is in!

just did a test with them and I got 127€ more with transferwise!

Just to clarify, was transferwise cheaper or more expensive?

Cant imagine it being 127 more but still, not 100% sure lol

Thanks for the replies everyone. Much appreciated!

The test was for 5k and transferwise exchange rate was 127 more than the other!


try Transfer Wise but to make it work get a Bulgarian bank account in EUR and link a card to it, VISA or Master would work fine. You then upload the money to the transfer wise account and execute your wire. They also give rates closer to spot. It`s the cheapest one I know of. Have used them for US dollar to GBP transfers to the UK and it was a few times cheaper than a more traditional bank transfer.

if you`re sending the money to someone, you may also consider getting an EUR account in Bulgaria, link a card to it and just give the card to the beneficiary. They`d then pull out cash from ATMs and since the account is in EUR, no charges, neither transaction costs should be involved.

Transferwise 1000 BGN sent = 507 EUR received in 2 days by bank transfer
Worldremit 1000 BGN sent = 501 EUR received in 1 day by bank transfer

They are the 2 best option for your money transfer. You can also use Western union and Money Gram but they are more expensive because of hidden fees including on the real exchange rate.

You can find some free money transfer comparison tool if you want to compare every solutions

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