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Info on Al khobar compounds

As i am due to move to Al Khobar in approx 18 weeks I have been avidly reading and digesting any information I can get on compound life and facilities.
To my dismay a lot of the information. Can be 3,5,7 years old and reading through them what could of been a lovely compound once upon a time has now degenerated.
I am relocating with my husband and as the children have all grown up it will be just the two of us. The compounds all seem to offer the same facilities  but the accommodation differs quite a bit along with the general up keep of compounds.
i know one of the places we will be offered is Oasis but from what I can gather there are two of them made up of different compounds.
I have looked online at zamil, Canary and rushaid although you can't believe the glossy photo gallery after reading some reviews!
Aramco has been mentioned although i would prefer a smaller, quieter compound.
I would like to hear from people who live in these compounds and  hear what they have to say as it appears when those who have asked questions move to KSA  very few come back online to pass on their experiences.
I'm an optimist and so will make the best of whatever the situation may be and honestly can not wait to get out there...however always nice to have the heads up before hand 😊

I live with my husband on a compound in al khobar it is tiny basic BUT it's cheap and you can put your own stamp on the tiny villas, which ate placed looking at the pool which is kept spotless the people are friendly and helpful and it is very close to the town is excellent for singles or couples but no room sadly for children.

Moved from Jeddah to here What a comedown!
Anyone had dealings with Al Rabwah Village or Rehab compound? Employer leased apartments for singles in these. They are furnished!! I have seen better in second hand shops. They are not cleaned for handover to new tenants, the 1 swimming pool is dirty there are no facilities apart from Rehab restaurant that looks like a large ghost room with 4 tables and no staff. A bus does ferry people to malls. Management often dismisses complaints and rude to the rather sorry looking workers, even found one sleeping in the hall outside my second floor apartment. Altogether not a place for non Muslim singles. Even the pocket handkerchief gym has to be unlocked and I have had bigger bathrooms. The list is endless. Would appreciate suggestions for a move next year allowance about 80000sr Must be a compound (female Brit)


I was looking for some infos about compounds and came across your post. Next month my husband
will  arrive in Khobar and I will follow a couple of months after. If you don't mind can you give me some additional infos about your compound. It is just for the two of us.

Thanks for your help.

It is pretty run down if you take a flat. But the villas are good. My employer will not pay the rent for a villa for single people (British Council). Also there are no amenities. A pocket size dark gym a bus daily to shopping malls, as I work full time it's not much use to me.
I have visited other compounds and they vary depends on what your employer will pay.
Others have shops ,restaurants, bus services and better all round management. As I say it definitely depends on finance.
There are lots of malls that can be impressive if this is your first trip to the middle east.
I suggest you apply for membership to the British Club in Bahrain a nice day out. Dubai is also an hours flight away.
Life here is what you make it. The internet is on some compounds but Zain/STA are the best. I also bought a year with OSN satellite TV. A VPN for getting Netflix or putlocker no VPN needed for  TV/Movie entertainment.
You do not have to cover your hair but wearing an abya is a must. Now there is a fashion here in abyas so look at it as wearing a coat /jacket and you will not feel bad about them.
Get in touch when you get here or if I can be of any help xxx
All the best and it does take time getting dependent's paperwork done so patience

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Hi Pesplin,

Thanks a lot of those helpful infos. It's not my the first time in the Middle East, but things change so quickly in this region and any recent news about living in this area is always welcome.
I will get in touch with you when I arrive. Take Care.

You can try Gulf pearl  compound 2 in Khobar.... It's pretty decent and not so expensive

Thanks I'll look into it.


Could you please give me more details about your compound since am moving from my apartment now and looking for an affordable compound in Khobar.

Thank you

Hi, I have not move to Khobar yet. I have not find an affordable compound. If you do, please share the info with me. Best of luck.


Hello can i know which compound is this please?

HI, I have seen you post about looking for a compound, I will be moving to KSA next month and was wondering if you have found one could you please guide me also to find in a reasonable price.
Appreciate your help.


Which conpound please

You can try Arabian property services. They have different compounds.  I have lived 2 of them with reasonable prices. One of them ''Samar'' it has 2 option. one of them is 1+1 apertments and the other one is 2+1 villas with garden. apertments are 48k Sar per year, villas 93k Sar per year.

And the other compound from same company is ''Shadad'' it has only 2+1 villas with garden with the price 95k SAr per year. but the thing is Shadad has around 10 villas and population is low.

three of them furnished (except TV and dish washer) has gym, pool, security etc etc etc
Only Shadad villas has dishwasher.

If you are interested let me know i can provide you some phone numbers to get in contact.

Do NOT go to GULF Compound or Rakah Palace whatever you do its terrible


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Looking for some up to date information.  We are a Scottish family myself, husband and six year old daughter.  What is the best compound? thanks in advance

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