Would like to meet new people in 6th of october

My husband and I have just moved to 6th of october and would like to meet new people in Cairo.
If you can speak French, English, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish and also want to meet new people / socialise, send me a message.

Hello Monique  :) I am Atteyat Rashid and I would like to contact you regarding a Teaching position,[Moderated]
Best Regards,


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Hi! I'm from India and staying at the Hilton Pyramid Heights for about a month. It would be nice to meet some people. Please do let me know!

well i live so close to  6 th of october and have an apartment in it so i will be glad to socialize with u . i think we can hang around some times drink something or having any activity together sooo for closed contact u can call me medhat ************

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Hi , how are you?  I am mohamed I live in shikh Zayed city,  next to 6th of october city . I am English speaking tour guide.  And I would like to get to know you and your husband .So I wish we can keep in touch


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Hello Monique, This is Ahmed, living in Cairo
Somehow I live far from you, but I am interseted to have new friends.

Hope we can have a contact soon....

Hi Monique, am usually around the area of 6 October and would like to meet up with you and your husband for coffee or something together

Hello.  Im also expat staying in dreamland 6 October. 
Feel free to drop me a note.

Hi ..Monim zidan director and script writer ..from cairo ... nice to meet you
6 oct

Hello Zidans

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I speak french

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