Filipino couple relocating in melbourne this January 2016....

Me and my hubby will be relocating in melbourne this coming January 2016.... Would like to meet new filipino friends in melbourne around the city /cbd area ... Is it easy to find an accomodation????? We don't mind to share a house as long as we have our own toilet......

Hi ...

I'm partner Arlene is filipino, we live in the suburbs of Melbourne.... rental here is quiet high, there are some places whom just will rent a room out for you.....please tell me more about yourselves......



Hello Pete... I'm a nurse by profession and my husband just joined me here in Dublin and working as a cleaner... I'm still looking for a job preferably in the city...hoping to meet new friends in Melbourne... It's gonna be a huge step for me relocating since I have used to the lifestyle in Dublin  but hoping for the best....

Hello. I'm Lionel. Would like to welcome you & your husband to Melbourne. I am originally from South Africa. I came to Australia in 1974. My wife is Filipino. She came to Australia in 2003 from Dublin, Ireland. She , like yourself, is a nurse. Melbourne has a huge Filipino population. Sounds like you don't really have many family/friend connections here. Our contact details are: **** Fell free to contact anytime. All the best with your preparations.

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Hello Lionel.... Yeah we don't know anyone in Melbourne.... I have friends in Sydney but would like to see what's like in Melbourne.... I will keep your number and email.... Looking forward to meet you and your wife......

Regards ,

Hi Pete and Arlene. How are you? I noticed you just replied to the couple from Dublin. Can you please contact me here in Melbourne on **** I look forward to your call/email. Thank you Pete. Kind regards, Lionel.

Hi. Lionel here. What are your names if I may ask. My wife's name is Evelyn. I settled in Sydney when I first arrived in Australia. Sydney has a very fast paced lifestyle. Melbourne, as you may have heard in the news just a week or 2 ago, has been awarded The Most Liveable City in the World 3 or 4 years in a row now. You will be okay.

Hello Lionel.... I'm Theresa and my hubby is Rhaffy.....hopefully we'll be fine ... Big change but  glad to know few people even online before we relocate...


Thanks Theresa & Rhaffy. Keep in touch. Lionel.

We will's my email ad: ***


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Hi its Pete here...... great to hear from all of you (Lionel, Theresa, Rhaffy ....
We have made friends with many filipinos here in Melbourne, please if you like to correspond my email is xxx, I typed like this as this site screens mobile and email details... hopefully you can read it....
look forward to hearing from all of you..... Pete

Hello Pete..... Looking forward to meet you and your wife.....


Hi Theresa,
lovely hearing from you, yes same here.... looking forward to meeting both of you......

Thanks Pete. Got it loud & clear.   Lionel.

Hello Filipino Family moving to Melbourne!

Just wondering how your'e all doing? Are you all now in Melbourne? Yes moving to another country is adventurous but does have its challenges also.

My wife and are residents of this great city, Melbourne! :-) We love it here. The food! oh man the food! Melbourne is dangerous in that sense because you can EAT your way around the city! :-)

Drop me a line sometime - in the meantime, enjoy and embrace. Best Wishes and Good Success :-) Keep well.

Hello !! Been here for over a year now...unfortunately me and my husband separated as he was not able to find a job and started cheating...otherwise liking melbourne as  its closer to philippines....


Big Shoulders! you can do this ;-) Enjoy. Embrace! :-)

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