Can I get a job in Moldova if I know only English language ?

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I am Habib Raza, I have a question, if I do not know the Romanian or Russian language, can I get a job in Moldova if I know only English language? Those foreigners who know only English language, how can they communicate with others by living in Moldova?


Habib Raza

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Hi! Not easy.  Not a good place to go to with English only. Though there are a fairly scarce market for such visitors. American Language Centre, they employ native speakers, and they don't require qualification, and generally native English speakers' best chance of finding a job there is mostly with teaching, as far as I know (i just realised, i'm not very knowledgeable in this matter). But wages are very low. (Prices too)
Regarding communication: a lot of people are speaking some English, especially among the young ones. You should make some friends there while not there yet. Assistance is highly recommended. Good luck.

I have the same problem
Speaks English which is not my language
And some few other languages
But can not find people who speak
Romanian and Russian
Is a small village and go crazy
Looking for a job and does nothing
Probably should leave the big city

I know some Basic of Russian then can I find
I want to know the life style of Moldovan People

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