Child custody!

Hi! everyone! Im just new in this site. Just wanna ask if someone here try to bring their child here in France .
I have a son back in Philippines ,i'am going to bring him here in france to be with me.
Is anyone here try to apply for "Rapprochement Famillial"?

Just a couple of things I'd like to point out about 'family reunion' (Rapprochement Famillial), you need to be either a citizen or legal permanent resident in order to qualify.

Also, what about the child's father? Is he still in the picture somewhere? Just remember that there are very few places on earth where CUSTODY is ever a closed issue. Custody can always be reviewed and changes to custody orders are common. Removing (or attempting to remove) a child from the country is automatic grounds for a review of custody should the child's father wish to ask the courts for that.

Also nowadays, you need all kinds of documents to satisfy not only immigrations authorities in most countries, but also the airlines when you travel with minor children internationally. If you travel without the other parent don't be surprised if they demand to see a notarized letter of permission to travel from the other parent, or a Court Order authorizing such travel, even if you have sole custody it is extremely tricky. Without the necessary documentation you might find it difficult for your child to gain entry to many countries, or maybe even to board an aircraft in the first place.

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About the child custody matter i already apply for petition for that in Philippines. I'am just waiting for the court desicion till now which is very long waiting for me it's near 1year. The father of my son, i have no problem with him he is oaky with it , he have nothing againts my plans.

I'am staying in France for 2years i have Carte de sejour, but i'am not citizen here yet. Do you think it will be okay?

It so sad to hear this but my sister is also going through the same suituation.An our case is being handled by custody lawyer Centreville, VA we got a positive response up til now hope for the best in future.

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