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I will be spending 6 weeks in Costa Rica. I have Skype installed on my cell phone. Will I be able to use my phone via Skype to call Canada and the US? I have a subscription to call both countries but I want to make sure this works in Costa Rica.
Also, will I be able to make local calls again with my cell and using Skype credit. Thank you so much for your time. Ed

I dropped my iPhone in a vase full of water a few months ago, but before that, it was working. You should check with Skype though because I know there have been recent changes to their plans.

hi, i just read your post and i have the same questions. have you gotten any responses? Bruce

I did not get a response from here but Skype said it should work. I also spoke to someone at the school I will be attending and they also said it should work. Of course you have to be in a wifi area. Apparently some of the cafes have wifi, you just have to buy a coffee or something.

There is no exta cost to call to a country you have a subscription for since you are already paying for that subscription.

To call within Costa Rica it is the same cost you would pay if you were calling from your home country to Costa Rica. Check the rates on Skypes website.


So Skype verified that their terms did not change and it still works...Good :)

I use my USA based skype account in Costa Rica all the time to make calls to the USA and UK.  Granted I use it on my laptop, but I don't see why using it through your iphone and the web would be different. 

For anyone that uses the Skype application on a blackberry (Verizon), my experience is that does NOT work from Costa Rica. 

As a last comment, I also paid a bit extra to have a phone number through skype.  I picked a Florida exchange phone number.  It means people in the States can call that number at domestic rates, and it rings on my computer.  While I have high speed in this rental house and leave my computer on that works pretty well.  Once I move down the track to my house, we may be out of luck.

I just hooked up a new iPhone and can confirm that Skype does indeed work in Costa Rica. There are also ways to make calls using Google Voice and another program. And fring just introduced an outgoing call service in their app.
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