Looking urgently for a part-time job!

Hi all,

I'm looking for a part-time job around the city center (have no car!). Originally I'm from Germany and am living now here in KL since the beginning of the year. So far I only gave some private lessons in teaching German. But I'm open to any other opportunity to work here in KL.
Actually I am an art historian (Master of Arts, University of Hamburg, Germany). But besides my studies I worked as a tourist guide, in an insurance company, as a personal assistant for an advocate and in an auction house. I'm willing to learn new skills and have also experiences in team work (museum, gallery, etc.).
If you are interested I can send you my CV.

Thanks for reading!

Hello JennyGeb,

Welcome on board  :)

Please drop an advert in the jobs dedicated section of the website. You will also be able to create your cv in the same section to get some opportunities.

- Jobs in Kuala Lumpur

Thank you in advance,

Hi without PR impossible. Well it can be done technically but an employer needs to pay you 5k and jump through all the hoops (not part time but hours of work up to employer).

In you area of work?? No way. The very statement that you are willing to learn new skills underpins why you can't get a work permit. Expats are expected to bring in skills and experience to Malaysia.

@Nemodot: You seem to know everything about me without really knowing me. Claiming I have no skills is not very nice without even have seen my CV. I know it's hard without a work permit but sometimes not impossible. It's always important to be open to learn new skills. Otherwise you only rely on what you already know and think that this is enough. But then you won't get very far in life. I think you misunderstood my post and I find your reply not very helpful but kind of impolite.

Hi I didn't say you had no skills but saying you are willing to learn new skills to get a job is why your chances are very small in Malaysia. As an employer myself I wouldn't consider anyone who communicates in this way. Re read your post it really doesn't sell you and if you have employable skills say so.

Expats are expected to be experts and a mixed bag of insurance clerk, tourist guide and a PA sounds like ok in Germany or any European country where you don't need a work permit but not in Malaysia. Of course Europe has 100000s of unemployed liberal arts master grads. Even grads in engineering are suffering.

As an employer and in the past a small business owner in Malaysia I can tell you the bother of getting a work permit means your chances as you present yourself are zero.

If you have marketable skills then say so in a well presented format to attract some constructive feedback.

Are you here with family here in Malaysia? Are you on a tourist visa?

We moved to KL because my husband works here. But although he has a local contract he is still waiting for his work permit (since January!). So yes we are all still on a tourist visa.

Hi and welcome to malaysia. Its really hard to find a work here as foreigner. but u r free to pm me if u would like to get more advice.


Please send your CV to nelina.shah[at] She might need a German translator. Danke! NS.

in your case i think your best chance is to work as a freelance tutor, translator or tour guide for tourists coming from germany.. as an online business expert, i advice you to promote your services in social media

My Dear lady ,
It is not hard to get job in Malaysia , it is hard to deal with people narrow mind ,inflexible and negative as you have been .give some constructive advise other ways refrain from opening your mouths (figure of speech ) ,can't understand judgemental people ,and negative people .on someone post a comment ,most of the time ,the reply is so negative ,I feel like breaking my laptop :-).
Good day to all and be good if you can't be good ,be quiet :-)

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I need partimers especially expatriate.  Pm me.  ********************

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Hi kim yong,

it would be great if you can give further information concerning the kind of job that you are offering. ;)

Besides, can you please post your job offer in the jobs section? It is more appropriate.


Priscilla  :cheers:

zakovich :

in your case i think your best chance is to work as a freelance tutor, translator or tour guide for tourists coming from germany.. as an online business expert, i advice you to promote your services in social media

Or housebreaking. Or mugging. All three are ILLEGAL. You simply cannot work (even volunteer work actually) on a tourist visa. Tutor translator or tour guide needs work permits.

Why do people on forums ignore the fact that working illegally is a CRIMINAL act.

Also "online business expert" oh hum. Unless you have a work permit for that or PR or are a Malaysian citizen that is also illegal. Then many pyramid scams..... Social networking comes under advertising if legit and Malaysians are good at that.

Hi I'm patty . I'm Thai . But my husband from Germany . We are from Berlin . We have been here in kl for two years . I used to work as a flight attendants in Thailand before married . I just joined the business with my Malay godmother and so far I earn  quite good within two months . I'm still learning from her because I have no idea about business but so far I also earn and learned a lot of thing and as a housewife and mother like me I can do so far . If u are interesting to get more information please contact me

I'm Patty from Thailand . My husband is german. Working for Mrt project . Right now I'm joining the business with my friends we are looking for people to join our team and expand international market . If u are interesting . I can share with u the details . Looking forward to hearing from u . Have a great day

Nemodot is right. Stop arguing about it.

Its neither negative nor impolite to say you cant have what you want.

1) These days, very unlike long ago, Malaysia wants special skills, for example in the area of bio-technology. Common skills, such as what you are describing must these days be done by locals. Not only that, a perfect example is your background in art history in that you may find the National Museum sorely and badly needs a person like you. They are crying to heaven for your skills and have sleepless nights about when a such a person might ever show up and ask for a job. They have searched high and low for 20 years already. But because the skills are common, they will do without the person for another 1000 years until a local can fill the slot.
2) The law is that you cannot work on your own as freelance, you must be attached to an employer who applies for the workpass on your behalf and pays you the lawful salary. But again, the application the employer makes for some job someone would like to give you will be screened for the above. A lawyer might agree to hire you but his immigration application will be turned down because its a common skillset that a local should be applying for. The immigration ministry will ask, is there no such thing as a local who can be trained to be a personal assistant?
3) Any other work or employment,including self-employment, you can do it freelance, off the cuff, on the sly, from your kitchen table, but its all illegal and you have the risk of being caught and fined and maybe deported as well. Thats all up to you and I cant advise you about breaking the law.
4) Can you get lucky and the curator of the National Museum has a brother working in Immigration and they slide through a workpass for you? Of course. Why not? Go ahead and try.

But Nemodot said it right and if anything its to help protect you, not curse you. Expats cannot, repeat cannot, simply get off the plane and get some job and plop themselves down in the country for as long as they like. Cannot.

If you look around you will see filipino maids offering themselves partime when they already have an employer. This is illegal both for you and for her. RM10,000 fine for each. There is also no such thing as a general work pass that permits you to work anywhere you like. One pass per employer/employee, period.

That all said, can you work under the table for cash payments? Yes but its illegal, everyone is taking a chance. Its hardly impolite to say so.

For your information, foreign spouses in Malaysia have the hardest time. There is a group in KL called FSSG, find them on facebook. They have worked hard to get the government to allow spouses to work and they can help and advise you further.

i agree 100000% with Nemodot and Cvco.
It is hard to swallow but it is a Fact.
Foreigners who want to work here, must do research before jumping off an aeroplane at KLIA.
Good Luck guys

Hi am looking for a job..any job that can feet on me...

i second 110% with Nemodot and Cvco.

If its any consolation, Germany treats visitors the same and also frown upon working on a tourist visa.

Bear in mind any local income-deriving work done here on a social visit is absolutely illegal. However there are some leeway with part time work for eg, student visa etc.

Good luck to you anyways,
Regs Jake.

Please let me know what time you can spare for work, and how much salary do you expect.

if given a job of personal assistant /  secretary. 
we have flexible working hours.
We need a personal assistant to our managing director. We are software sales and support company.
Operating from Jalan Ipoh, near PWTC, kuala lumpur.

Hello everyone,

@skumaripoh can you please drop an advert in the appropriate section of the website : Personal assistant jobs in Kuala Lumpur

Best of luck,

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Hi what business oppurtunities are u having to share in kl.

I am expanding my organization in Asia and looking for Marketing research execs (partime and/ full time /contract)You can get more information about Insumo Limited on our website
If you are interested just email me your resume & contact details to hani[at] If you have any question, you can call me at 6011-21144468.
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