Yesterday, I heard that Malaysian Govt issue red IC to foreign nationals who want to stay permanent here in Malaysia. Can you please guide how the RED IC holder can get his Malaysian Passport? As I heard that the person has obtained his RED IC only stay here not more than 3 years. Is it possible? As He told me that he paid handsome amount to get RED IC. Is it true?


hi red means holder of permanent  residency. hard to get unless seriously rich or been married 5 years plus to a Malaysian. serious money means 2 million USD plus.....

it doesn't give you citizenship. to get that you have to be fluent in Malay and restricted to 100 people per year per country. you have to give up other citizen ship and almost impossible to get it. met some with PR (one with an expert wife so he got in 6 months) but never citizenship

Thanks for your comment.

Please note that I heard that from someone close to me that he had paid RM 35,000/- only to get this RED I.C. I can see from internet the actual fee for eligible foreigner is only RM 400/-
Now they taking this money and giving RED I.C.

My question is that after issuing this I.C, can they cancel when they know that the person was not eligible but only have paid this extra bribe? And also when issue this I.C, can instantly apply for Passport?


He means he paid a bribe of 35,000 and so risks a long jail term. Quite likely the IC is also fake.

You should report the polis as a criminal.

Hmm Good Idea.


Of course you CANNOT apply for a passport with a red IC. Silly question really

Hi ..good day,
     My father is now over 70, his country of birth is Singapore. He has been in Malaysia since baby and now he is holding red IC. We had tried many times to apply as citizenship but failed. In fact, I just hope can help him to get a passport so can bring him around the world before he left this world. We even re issued the proper married certificate for my parents in which indicated their married more than 5 years already. I really hope I can do something for him. I hope you can provide me some suggestions......

Thank you

Actually i am a student.i'm form can i get maloysian ic.please inform. Thanks

Sorry you can not..maybe can apply for pr but never a citizenship

How to apply for pr? .and how much it cost?
Pls email me if possible..thank you very much.

I almost 3 years marrid with Malaysian woman now i can apply PR???

Ahmed0804 :

I almost 3 years marrid with Malaysian woman now i can apply PR???

Why not get your wife to check on this for you??

I am married Malaysian girl..but I never have work..but 1year finish I married..I need red ic..can I get.what is the process to get ic..then I have job in Singapore ..I need ic

Need to have the Long Term Social Visit Pass for 5  years then can apply for PR - Suggest you join FB Group Foreign Spouses Support Group on Facebook -  They have lots of information.

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