Any Teachers at NVTC Bahrain

Hi everyone,

Looking for any teachers currently at NVTC Bahrain who can share their experiences on the institute, students, living, etc any information would be great!

So I have been given a position at NVTC through ADVETI and so far finding it very difficult to find others or information.

Thanks in advance

Hi Fahima!

I am currently working at NVTC and would be happy to share information with you. You can email me at **

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Thank you Karen, I have sent you an email.

Hi ,
I am not in Nvtc but i know all about these things here is mine Profilelink I am interested to give training's in any field of IT.

Hi Fahima,

Did you manage to get any info on NVTC? Like you, I was also offered a position at the college some weeks ago but am still waiting in Saudi for the Bahraini work visa.

It looks now like I will not get it for another week or two as the Hajj is fast approaching. If you have any information about the opening and closing times of NVTC over the Hajj or want to swap other information, do please get in touch.

I will be teaching English by the way. What about you?

best wishes


Hi Karen,

I see that you are working at NVTC. I just responded to Fahima's post above as I am a bit unsure about where I am with my move to NVTC.

The recruiters in London have been very helpful but their hands are tied re info about visas, start dates and the opening and closing times of NVTC over the Hajj break.

I would appreciate any help or advice you can offer at this point :)

You can use this email address to contact me if you like: xxx

All the best


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Dear BillyNoMates,

Kindly refrain from posting your person id on the blog, you could send it as a private message.


Hi Tom

I have sent you an email.


H,  My name is Bernard.

I also  have been offered a job at NVTC and would like some general information if possible.  Workplace culture, good places to live (is it better to be close to the school or in another part of the island?) that sort of thing.


HI Karen,

Would be able to share some information about NVTC with me?  I have been offered a contract there.


Hi Bernard,

I would be happy to answer any questions you have. Please contact me through the private message system

Thank you,

Hi Bernard,

I too work there and am happy to provide info or answer any questions you may have.

As I am not allowed to post my email address again, you can contact me on the one (yahoo) still listed above or send me a private message on this forum.

What subject are you teaching and where are you from?



Ha ha! I only just saw your reply as well Karen! Hope you're enjoying your hols!

Hello, please could anybody tell me about working at  NVTC Bahrain as Math teacher? How the atmosphere at NVTC is? or any related topic about it will be more than welcome.
Thanks in advance.

Did anybody have to supply their high school diploma to work at NVTC?  I have been told by recruiter that it is needed.   Sounds weird to me.

I would like more information about NVTC please. Thanks

Hi all,

I have been offered a contract at NVTC, I would like to hear from someone who is working there, in terms of the working environment within the school. and how you find the experience.


Hi  everyone, just been offered a new position at NVTC too. Any views on the experience would be great and to meet some people?




I want ask about NVTC ,, . if they provide a shuttle bus for Employees or not
what's about Center and the working days

Why are you inquiring about a shuttle bus. Where from and for teaching staff or other employees

Just a question ,, i notice the NVTC is in south area so how employee can transfer from the center to home if he hasn't a car

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