Finding a british school for my son, any advice ?

Dear all
I'm new to this so here goes
My husband is relocating to tangier in January 2016 my son will be currently in year 2 and I'm struggling to find a british school for him
We have everything sorted just a school for him is there anyone out there with any advice and help
King regards
Farah  a very anxious mum

I have the same problem with my kids here, no Arabic or french school, but I think we can teach kids our languages at home, and let them have extra knowledge: concepts and a new language in their new schools...

Hello Yassinaziz,

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I created a new topic from your post on the Tangier forum so that you may get some feedbacks.

You can have a look at the Education in Tangier section of the directory and the threads under Schools & studies in Tangier category of the forum so gather some infos.

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Just wondering how u got on with finding a school

i have an special child , i want to bring here in morocco , could you help me  where i can find school for him and also pediatric doctor who can check his iq?
  thank you

Hi, I Believe there are two schools which have their syllabus in English. One of them the american school but there is no British Standard school here in tangier.

Dear Farah
Think homeschooling, google it and get familiar with it,its a very good option for Moroccan expats and it's not that scary after all :) Internet makes it really easy.. Contact me if you need help x

hi am moving to marrakech from paris i am gona use CNED schooling first year its a french home schooling ... its hard to find a british school try American school but its very expensive !
Good luck 🎀🎀

CNED Is really good choice!👍🏻👍🏻

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