Case Processing times for applications in the Philippines

Hi tanyersss! I think you only need your cenomar authenticated. That's what I did now too.

Hi there everyone!

It seems like this forum has stopped updating. Lol :P

But anyways,  I'd like to share that I'm working on submitting our family reunification papers and I need some of your help guys with this.

In regards to Describing the relationship on the checklist, does it have to be written or can I just type it and print it out? I know writing it down looks more personal but we are in 2016 eh??

Is there any limit to the pictures I can submit btw? Bcoz when I applied for tourist visa they only took one at VFS as instructed by embassy.  I'm planning to create a scrapbook if possible..hahah :D

Any response is appreciated.

Thanks a lot


Hi Kea.u can type in no issue i dd th u can copy nd paste into word which i did.from the start of relation thru the years till wedding 10 or 12 pics in 1page with titles for each pics.and it was fine


Thanks a lot :)

Hi. I have garented  résidence permit .udi send me msg Month at 15/04/2016 i waitting 15 Month too have answer.and tell me the consulat contact me.but i dont here  question is:how much time theconsulat used tout call?     Excuse me for bad english

You have to call them nd find out

I. Call but tell only  tired to waitting.only I want to naw how much time to send udi answer at consulat

How much i must waitting to have m'y visa

Jouba33 :

Hi. I have garented  résidence permit .udi send me msg Month at 15/04/2016 i waitting 15 Month too have answer.and tell me the consulat contact me.but i dont here  question is:how much time theconsulat used tout call?     Excuse me for bad english

Dear Jouba,
You can either call or email the embassy regarding your case.

Tél: (+212) (0)5 37 66 42 00

Courriel: emb.rabat[at]

Or you can call contact Udi

and last thing your spouse can call embassy in your home country or Udi. There is bit wait for calls but they will respond and guide  you.

Thank ab 4cd .i get my
visa. I waitting 17 Month .really is hard time for me


I have submitted my documents for fiance visa on 20th September 2016 and received email from Norwegian embassy on 26th sept that my application has been forwarded to UDI.

Then received email from UDI on 27th with DUF number and my application is being received.

Thought my application would be decided by Norwegian embassy here. but maybe becoz i'm Thai citizen who worked in the Philippines.

I hope the embassy here in the Philippines just doesn't familiar with my Thai documents that why they forwarded to UDI instead. .

i have sent all my documents for fiance visa in VFS makati august 31 2016 and just this sept 23, norwegian embassy received my application and until now havent receive any email.. :/

That is will recieve eventually

How how long it will take to process a family visa now?i get married to norway and born my baby in planning to go home and apply for family visa?anyone know how long it will take ?

Hi guys I have a big problem ,I am here in Norway and my daugther also for 2 years. And I am 7 month pregnant and im Married here in Norway for 1 year 1/5, now still waiting for UDI process my family visa. I read many good news about apply in Manila Embassy,im planning to go back to Philippines after i birth my baby here and apply there a Family Visa going back here since I been here for 2 years I think I miss Philippines and I need vacation.😉😉😉 Can i Ask anyone here?my husband still Married in Philippines and we wanted to file an annulment so we can Get Married in Philippines. My husband and her Ex wife Married on 2006 and Get divorce here inNorway 2014,But still not annul to Philippines since we dont have divorce in philippines. Did anyone have same case like me?i need advice plsssss 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😔😔

Hi everyone! I just want to share that my application for family reunification for spouse was granted on November 16, 2016. Submitted Oct 10, 2016 at VFS Manila. No email from UDI that they receive the application so I assumed the embassy handled the application. Been to Norway twice.

Goodluck to those who are still waiting, hope to get yours very soon 😊

Wow really? Congrats ... You are granted and not wait too long. Do you kids also ?

Thank you Hazel. 😊 No we don't have a kid yet.

You are so lucky that you grantre so fast. Are you Married to him?

Hi Everyone,

Applied for family immigration in May 2015
forwarded to UDI
then to UNE in Jan 2016
it's been 10 months waiting to date.

I wonder, @TextheNorse, is your fiancee in Norway now? How long did you wait?  I cannot see any update on here.

The UDI and UNE has been updating processing times every month now.

UNE family immigration processing times is now 1-6 months as of Nov. 18, 2016. 

We have been waiting for 10 months now.

Any help would be totally appreciated.

I wonder if those who has applied after the refugees in Syria started to flood UDI submissions.

Applications starting May 2015. 

How long did it take for you to be approved?

What are the other documents that you have submitted.

UDI or UNE doesn't send monthly notification.

Any information would be of great help.


how is your family reunification application?



lovelyengel :

how is your family reunification application?



Hi! I have lodge my family reunification application onshore on march 2016. My application was initially denied (5 mos after I lodge my application) but reversed 3 mos after I submitted an appeal.

I waited 8 months in total.

I hope you get some good news soon...

my family reunification appeal was submitted to UNE in January 11, 2016

It's now been 10 months of waiting.

They have updated their processing times to 1-6 months now.

Still haven't heard from them.

3 months isn't bad.  I envy you. :)

Just want to share that my fiance visa has been granted :) submitted in august 30 in VFS manila then approved in october 12 .. :)
Im here in trondheim now and waiting for some approval in the office then we can finally get the way im 8 months pregnant.just want to know that when i give birth,will my baby be half filipino and half norwegian?just wondering..thanks for the answers.

hi michcabs2013,, your baby wil be Norwegian if you give birth here in Norway. And you can apply him philippines passport too if you wanted too..

By the way i am just new here  and i am wondering until now i didnt recieve my  residence card yet after i report the politi in trondhiem days after i come here. I am just wondering if you get your residence card already how long you wait for it?  We are processing our papers for to get married here too. Thank you.

Hi Im Glendora from Philippines. Im living in Stjørdal for 2 months now using a fiacee visa.Anyone can help me about Norskkurs? Please I really need your help.

Fiance visa is not free norskkurs...

Thank you :)

after you get married then you will get free norskurs

Just got married, How can I apply free norskkurs?
I'm not processing my family reunification yet

Only go to The kommune, and Apply for norskkkurs and tel that you are Married automatically you free from norskkurs.😊👍🏻😉

Hazel06 Thank you so much😃
Kahit hindi pa ako nag apply ng family reunification ok lang ba?

Yes ITS OK. No problem with that. That is The ryke here in Norway.  once you are married with norwegian you have the rights to go to free Norskkurs.👍🏻😊

Ohh thank you so much for helping me Hazel06 :)

Your welcome. Just bring your marriage certificate to school and show them . 😊👍🏻 God jul. 🎄

tusen tusen takk :)  :)  :) God jul

Just wait 2 to 3 weeks for your residence card :)

Hi guys!

How long does normally now take for fiance visa will be graded?
It past over 2 months,we received letter that there that missing health insurance,and later that is still on process?

Thank you all,God bless you

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