Dubai New Visa system Requirements For GCC Residents

Hello all,

I`ve a problem with the new website of the Dubai visa ( )

As i`m traveling next sept. & i completed all the needed data & uploaded the passport copy / Residence copy / a personal photo & paid the 230 DHS  fees,

Second day they are sending me an email where the application needs some data to be uploaded & when i go to the website they ask for the residence copy & personal copy to be uploaded again , i

Uploaded them more than 10 times with different types & formats & resolutions it`s always the same answer (GDRFA requires further documents from you for processing Application Reference Number)

Any body faced this problem.


Unfortunately it happens sometimes. Few of my employees faced the same problem while we were trying to renew their visas.

So how did you solve it ?

It's the problem with the system. Unfortunately we are not allowed to question them. May be the documents are lacking the clarity. Try to rescan the documents and submit  again. It's the responsibility of your PRO, so talk with him.

I have the same issue.. How did you resolve you issues?

Dear All, I am planning to travel by road, Once we got the uae visa. Is it mandatory to bring original iqama or copy is enough, please update

GCC residents must carry their country's residence permit/Iqama while visiting UAE.  If online visaapplication seems complicated, apply visa through a travel agent in Dubai.

thank you sir

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