Mombasa - language tandem swahili...?!

Dear People!

I am living in Mombasa and I am trying to learn Swahili ... for me, talking is a challenge. So ... I am looking for somebody who is interested in going for coffee once in a while, and make me talk Swahili. In return I can offer German and French, e.g. in sort of a "Tandem" ... one coffee goes in Swahili, the other one in another language.

Let me know if you would be interested!

Hello anneritter,

Please drop an advert in the Language Exchange in Mombasa section of the website so that to make sure you get some responses.


I am there we can walk together and make jokes of kiswahili you will be great when you will get a lot of Swahili language.And I am at Mombasa at Labour docks you can conduct me.

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Hit my inbox

learning swahili is so easy.interested in lerning german

I am still here and would love to do this Tandem with you,quite interested in learning German,
Let me know if interested

I am interested let me know we're to meet you I am waiting for your response I am in Mombasa docks.Hope Thad your can conduct me ***
I AM marshal

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too bad,am in nairobi

Hi Anneriter,

Are you still in Mombasa?

looking for tandem in germany too.....are still in mombasa??


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