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Hi guys...I'm an italian woman, I need to regist a web site with the domain .sn ...but in line i see only very expansive price for this i possible ? In italy for regist a web site ,.it  -or- .com -or- .net and ext you need only around 10 euro or little more ...someone can help me ? Thanks

extensions similar .sn , .it or .fr are always managed by local organisations. Each organisation can define its own conditions in order to give/sell those extensions. For .sn , the conditions are more restrictive and the price. However you can still get .sn for less than 50 euros if you go through a registrar that is implemented locally in Sénégal.
to get .sn extension, the conditions are the following ones:
The owner must be a legal organisation, without restriction of location.
The domain name should reflect the name, initials or name of a product (tangible or intangible) of the applicant.
hope it helps.

Dear Taraverde,

Hope u're fine! Your post lasted since last year. If you don't get a solution. be informed that I used OVH for my hosting or registar task:

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