Live in Port Moresby. I joined here to help with infos about PNG

I am from PNG and live in Port Moresby.  Joined to help provide info about PNG.


I am also new just joined. I am planning to be in Port Moresby in October to live there at least for a year. I will be thrilled if you could guide on living in Port Moresby. Contacted some real estate agents about flats. But seems they are just rigid in what they offer. I want a serviced apartment in a secure and may be beach side. But I also want they add charges for internet, and possibly laundry. Unfortunately two real estate responded saying they cannot add (with price) internet and others.


Hi Chrissy. Thanks for your initiative.
I have been here for 1 month and slowly finding things to get involved in on my free time.
I am hoping to get involved with City Mission some weekends in the future and help them out in any way I can. Do you know of any other organisations that assist the community that might be in need for help. I approached a few but very little response so far :/
At this point, I got my weeknights full and a Sunday a fortnight, so lots of free time.
One thing to ask however, do you happen to know if they will ever open the aquatic centre for public use? Such a shame its close :(

Hi Ena, when u arrive, the only thing I can think of that might work for you will be a hotel such as the Grand Plaza, however you are looking at high costs. I am staying at the Holiday in, which is land locked (if you wish) however it is really good for security and pretty much everything else. They both offer free internet and laundry can be worked out easily. If you into squash, I play weeknights with a very nice group of mixed expats and nationals. They essentially play every night except Wednesday and Sunday. Other than that there is bushwalking every other Sunday. Big group of expats. Anyways, let me know if you need more info. More than happy to assist settling in ;)

Hi Freddy

Tx for ur valuable info. Do Grand Plaza or Holiday Inn have serviced apartments? If so would be very helpful. The Ministry of health and aus govt are now processing my visa. I would like to fix a place to stay before I arrive POM.


Hi Enam
Awesome news.. it wont be too long now :)
Yes they both do. btw it is Crowne Place, not Grand (my mistake)
I would also recommend you join the IHG Rewards Club as this will mean you get points and free internet on ur stay
Let me know if you need help

Hi Freddy

Ian little confused. Are you referring to Crowne Plaza? Now of the Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza and Grand Papua which is the better in terms of kitchen (I love to cook) and other facilities? Is there any concession on price for living in the place for one year.


sorry I can only give you proper details of the Holiday Inn as this is where I am staying. Yes there is a discount calculated. However this may depend on demand I suppose. Best to contact them directly.
I have not lived in the Crowne Plaza or Grand Papua however based on other's comments on their experience, the Holiday Inn is best suited for long stays, as in better facilities and newer infrastructure.
Hope this helps.
If u wish I am most happy to show u my apartment over skype or so. I find pictures sometimes do not show really well size and structure. PM me for detail if u wish ;)

Hi - many2 tx 4 all ur info. I also spoke 2 someone in Brisbane and they informed that Crowne Plaza is very old. so the choice is between Holiday Inn and Grand Papua. I will be contacting them.

Sorry as I am completely novice and new in social networking what is PM?

Hi Enam

For the benefit of everyone, PM means Private Message. So you need to go to my profile and send a personal message from there. I sent you one already ;)

Hi Chrisy

I need PNG info. How do I contact you?


Hi Jetty, hope u got the PNG infor ur looking for already. If not I'm willing to provide you with whatever infor u need to know about PNG.

Btw, I'm from PNG and live in Port Moresby

Hi Chrissy. Hopeing maybe you might be able to help me. My partner was born in Port Moresby and we are trying to get a copy of his birthcertificate. We are in Australia and have no idea on where how or cost. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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