Looking for a people who speak English to my theatre

I am the owner and chief stage Director of theatre New Friends. I write scripts and these scripts are used for staging performances. The basis of my works inspired by historical events from the time of Tsar Peter the Great and tsarina Catherine II. Tourists visiting our city, they look different palaces and museums, but my first theatre in the city, where all the performances are in English. And I invite Americans to work until as volunteers, but then, gradually, I'll pay the actors royalties. Our theatre located in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Hello vladimir_lavrov,

Welcome on board  :)

the best way to attract the attention of members who may be interested, is to drop an advert in the Volunteering in Saint Petersburg section of the website.

Gradually, you will have to update if you are looking for employers.

Best of luck,

I am interested in this , I am from Egypt but I do speak fluent English native-like
I used to work in Teleperformance EG (western Union) for USA and Canada which means my English is highly professional. I have talent also for acting and I was actor in Faculty acting team in Ain Shams University while my study befor I graduated at the year 2000

I know Russian and French and Arabic.
this is my email:
ibrahim-dosokov at

Count me in ;) I'm from London and think this could be great fun. I'm also terribly good at accents :P

Hi Vladimir,
Your project sounds very interesting to me, as I am a writer as well, and my Bachelors in Fine Arts is in Theater production/technical theater.  I am a native speaker from the U.S.  I am TEFL Certified and teach here in SPb.  I also have experience in the tourism/hospitality industry, where I have presented both museum tours and architectural tours in Chicago and Arizona.  I moved to Saint Petersburg because of it's cultural history including ballet, theater, architecture, music, literature etc.  It would be exciting to be involved in a creative project such as yours.  Feel free to send me a message.  Sincerely, Misha

HI Vladimir,

This is a very interesting idea. I am a native English speaker from the US. Are you still looking for people? Let me know! Best, Jordanne

Dear Sir,
                 I am Jit from Nepal and here in Moscow for English is fluent I can do volunteer or help and I can an come to this city
              Please let me know if I can assist you.i look forward to reply from you
                                With Regards

Reference your advertisement  in this website may i please express my desire to work  as a English teacher.
For information i am an an automobile, engineer by profession,  entrepreneur , I have worked along various geographies for consulting various companies in Uzbekistan , Kazakhstan .

As far as English language is concerned my command over this language is outstanding and got the opportunity to learn it from very prestigious schools of British times in India.

As i am keen to live in Moscow i would be honored if i could get an opportunity to write scripts English language and its expressions which i can in an outstanding manner.

The English language lessons which i may be able to impart would be unique as i have been leaning British English since my schooling and i could teach language communication, expressions.

I will be in Moscow in September 2016 and if you feel you may like to cooperate i would meet you.

hi , I am fluent in English......originally from Malta.  I love the theme of your plays and would like to join if possible.



I am a native speaker of English language and live in saint Petersburg.
We can cooperate of any English language requirements.

Regards aditya rudra

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I'm a native English speaker from South Africa now living in Russia (St Petersburg), since my wife is Russian. We live near Ozerki Metro. Call or WhatsApp me on xxx


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Hello..can I help you regarding  English 🙂 thanks. As well sir I know Russian too. I am finding a job. If you can help me ..I will be grateful to you.

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