Your experience of culture shock in Germany

As in most countries friendliness depends on where and who.
In England, those in Yorkshire claim to be friendly but I have seen them give large discounts to locals and not to visitors. Those in London are not friendly nor are those in Liverpool. I did find the north east, Birmingham and the west country friendly.

In Germany I found Cologne friendly and fun but over the river in Kalk not so good. Ulm is not really friendly but not hostile either. Heidelberg is good... probably because the Germans are a minority there and have to be friendly :) Will try the east sometime when I get a contract there. Eastern europe I have found much friendlier.

he he, I am English... adapt? Not really, just import some proper bacon and sausages for breakfast, some proper beer for the evening, speak loudly and slowly in English because of course everyone understands, stand in line while others jump ahead and of course continue to drive an English car just to remind everyone who you are :)

It is interesting to know you have been in many cities in Germany, so you are well up on the mentality and behaviour in different cities. I have lived and worked a long time in Frankfurt, and love the city, but now too expensive to live in. It is very international and with broad minded people. Westerwald was very stiff and unfriendly, and the Eifel, where I now live. The people in Eifel are very friendly, but there is too little to do and it is very boring. Also must have a car there is little transport opportunities. You must approach the people if you want to get to know them or need any help, they do not come to you. In Eisenach, in East Germany we also lived, and didn`t like it. Found it very unfriendly and rasistish. Erfurt is quite nice and Waltershausen is 30 kms from Erfurt, 11 kms from Gotha. Also it is a bit cheaper to live. I have many friends there and they accept me and love me for who I am, even though I am English. I am fully accepted as one of them and there are a lot of musicians there and bands, so being a musician, I will be in my element. As a duo with my husband, we played as a duo and had a lot of gigs. They remember me from then. Many people do not know how it is in East Germany, but I certainly can recommend. Naturally, avoid Dresden, Magdeburg, and parts of Berlin, because of neo-nazis. I am now retired and do not have to worry about getting a job. All for now.

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