Your experience of culture shock in Equatorial Guinea


Living in a foreign country implies to discover its culture, to learn and master the cultural codes.

How did you deal with that? Share with us your culture shock stories where you experienced a funny or awkward moment in Equatorial Guinea.

What is your advice regarding the doníts and what would you recommend to avoid any mistake?

Thank you in advance for sharing your stories,


Have a nice day forum:
My name is Samuel Cruz, I am from Honduras and days ago I was listenning a song tracked on the movie "Palm tree on the snow"; so I got interest in Equatorial Guinea culture its amazing the social structure that your people has developed and built during years, and I hope not be bothering you but I would like to know what is the touristic city most visited in Equatorial Guinea? and please do me a favor: would you translate this song "" to english! Really, I have listenned  and repeated this song since I watched the movie. And if you don't know how to translate it, don't worry only let me know who can translate it? and how can I get in contact with him?; I will be so thankfull with you by your time and care.

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