Other sites with job`s

who can recommend me another sites with jobs beside Indeed

Hi ELLA2015,

Welcome to :)

We have some links at the end of our article > Find a job in Norway, it may respond to your quest :)

Could you tell us what types of jobs are looking for ?

Thank you

Stéphanie is one of the biggest local Norwegian job sites, but it's going to require some translation work to read since it's mostly in Norwegian.

I know it's an old thread but FINN can be translated to English if you use a desktop pc/laptop :)

Hey Mscherryviolet

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Yep I use Google Chrome and it translates everything for me.

Haha yes it's the same with me :)
Otherwise I would be extremely confused :)

And thank you for having me in the forum :)

you can also used linkedin site to look for jobs in oslo.

Here have English speaking jobs in Norway It is also a News Website for English speakers in Norway.

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