Cost of living in the Democratic Republic of Congo

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Am moving to congo with the salary of 2000 usd with free accomodation like house,food.My question is whether 2000 usd is good ?.suppose if i move from to congo to other countries how much i can expect like

What is the cost of living and the price of self catering apartments.

Is it worthwhile to purchase a vehicle and travel back to RSA

For cost of living try

I got a job in padiyath healthcare 
I want to know its reputation, and how this hospital treat his employee

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Can u update more on new cesamex pharma.

Culture and life with new cesamex.


Or else u can share ur cell number

Sir can you tell me about Somika mining ltd., DR Congo. What should I do.

Frds tell me details about somika

Absolutely correct. People normally dont consider all this before switching.. and repent later.

Pls suggest about company in Lubumbashi name as somika group. I need your help to know About this company

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