looking partner for business

Hi I'm Chris I'm from europe I would do some business in Gambia specially trade but anyway looking for any oportunity for business and really good business partner..let's talk much more in personal touch..cheers...

Hello manolo1964,

Please drop an advert in the appropriate section of the website if you are looking for business partners > Business partners classifieds in Gambia

Thank you in advance,

Hi Chris,

My name is Iftikhar and I have a business in England.  I am planning to expand my business into West Africa, especially  Gambia.  There is scope in the business for a partner.  If you are interested, you can write to me directly on ********* and we can discuss the mater in detail.  Best regards.


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hi Chris
I just read your post about looking for a business partner. i are looking to move to Gambia very soon and I am interesting in doing business in Gambia. what kind of tradbig business are you looking at?.  I am in the fitness and wellness field.

Hi Sascha,

I am corresponding with someone also called Chris on this forum.  Are you the same person whose profile name is manolo.  If so, I have written to you thsi morning already, if not then I am in the used clothing business.  I hope that answers your question.  If you like to correspond further, **  so we can talk privately.  Best regards.


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Hello Bhavna,

You have such a kind face in your profile photo that no mere mortal would fail to follow your instructions.  The only reason I was talking to other members about business is because I am a technophobe and after being on for a some considerable time, I am still not sure which messages are on public view and which ones are private.  however you can rest assured that no rules will be broken intentionally from my side.  Best regards.


Hello Dear
I am business consultant expertised in Export - Import. In previous job while working with a company in Dubai as sales director, I have made numerous market research and product research especially for Gambia. I have good knowledge of products you can trade in Gambia very profitably. And i have good network of major importers and traders of Gambia. In fact I was very unfortunate to carry on the business with previous company as they had been traped in business crisis which is recently effected in UAE.  Due to lossing my job I have come back to India which could help me to join with you immediately. Please let me know about your interest and please feel free to contact me for any further clarification.
Thanks and Regards

Dear Chris,

I hope your doing well.  Glad to hear you want to pursue business in Gambia.  Gambia is a great place to do business.  Let me know if your still looking for a business partner, I will be moving there in 2017.

Sure that would be great. Im on whatts app xxx im in usa think country code is 001 or 01 my name is Ginny

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Hello Chris, how are you?
I am Jay Jay. I live in The Gambia and I do a lot, ranging from Real Estate and property management, car dealership, IT services, charity and so much more.

I will be looking forward to meet you, and see how best we can help each other, or work together?

I am a business man, investment in Gambia is not easy, but we can make a way if we plan well.
Feel free to write me, as I am open for discussion.

hello I am living in The Gambia. Business is not very easy or let me say : Its going slow. Particulary due to upcoming elections, people dont want spent much money.

Plus, GRA (Taxes office) knock on your door and asking if you pay your taxes. Even you opened your store one day ago and even didnt earn any penny. If you arent ecowas (NON ECOWAS) they charge you 5-6 times more than local.
Drop me an message if you need further information

hi everyone
my name is munir i am from uk and i am planning to start business is gambia i have plenty for knowledge in import and export from Europe china and Pakistan my main industry is electronics specially mobile phones would love to discuss things with someone with same interest
many thanks

i am from uk new to this forum dont know how this works looking to start business in gambia maybe mobile phones or import of rice from asia and clothing would love to disscuss thing
many thanks

Let me know how we can work together. I am open for business!
I also do imports from Nigeria!

Im Interested to discuss further

my main trade is mobile phones and i import of items from china and pakistan form pakistan i import rice and i would like to import basmati rice from pakistan and supply in gambia and posibally supply mobile phones and accessories and parts to gambian business and traders and i can get plenty of used cloths and house hold goods from uk as i am supplying to one gambian local in uk who sends it to gambia let me know if there is something we can do
many thanks

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Hello Dear Munir
I'm Abdul here I am interested in working with you to share my expertise in doing business in Gambia. I have a very rich experience in procurement and having been connected with Garments, confectionaries, Cooking Oil, Other food items and Indian Cosmetics.
I would much appreciate if you could share your contact number so that we can have a discussion over the telephone.

Hi am a Gambian origine,but a French national,am actually living in Paris France .me an my father have place in Gambia ,in a very good location in Senegambia .the place is call bretania an it's sorounded by hotel and restaurant.any many business activity go in their like brusel air like Senegambia hotel  etc,so if any 1 intresed for doing business message me

Do you mean that you and your Father owns Britanian Bar in Senegambia?
If that is what you mean, then I am not sure of this, because the owners of Britannia Bar are English Man and a Woman.
If it's another place called Bretania please be sure.
And also, what business do you want to do with this Bretania ???

Hi Chris ,hope u a French National an a gambian origine, actually base in france Paris .am intrested in your partnership ,what kind of business you looking for or you want to go for,and where are u in Europe .we can met an but thing a very serious person and also looking serious parthner to work with,ill be happy to work with you.i have property in The Gambia and business too

I am a Gambian citizen residing in Switzerland and I work as a CEO for EPS COMPANY LIMITED.
Some of our services are as follows: import and export, Real estate, Construction, Poultry and so on.  Is there anyone interested in partnership or a potential investor? You can contact me on my private email.. Ebrima.njie70[at]

Hello Chris,
I'm interested in business partnership. Did you already find one?
I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.
Yours sincerely,

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