What area should i be looking to live in?

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I was just thinking what sort of area I should be looking for accommodation as I am new here and don't know where to begin looking or what I should be looking for. For abit of a background on me I will be living on my own, British and in my 20's. If somebody could inform me of the areas in which majority are expats, high living standards, the cheaper areas to live, most social areas etc I would much appreciate it. :top:  thank you in advance.

Also if there are any pointers you can give me that would be good as well.  :D

Seef, juffair , amwaj , adliya and saar bt place like saar has got britishers n other nationals bt not for socialising bcs it has only rugby club whr u can meet britishers and other nationals too

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I'd say Juffair, Adliya and maybe Seef
These areas have more of a night life and are closer to hotels / bars / clubs
Amwaj but then you pay a lot more there for accommodation than other places.

Thanks for the responses guys. Do all these areas have high living standards? By this I mean clean and comfortable apartments, with pool and gym that get serviced (maid service) regularly. Also is there any area which is cheaper to live compared to others? I have heard Seef and Amwaj are much more expensive for the same standard compared to others.

Each place would have a range
Hop on to Bahrain property world and check the areas out and what's available. But yes in all areas you will find excellent accommodation with facilities. Most won't have maids but these are easy to get and there are many agencies or you can hire one privately.

ADLIYA ..look no further my friend.

Ok thank you I will have a look at these areas. What about accommodation in  the west and south parts of the island? Budaiya, Isla Town, Aal Lawzi or any others

I live in Sar near Budaiya. It's a good area but may not be great for you as it's not very happening.
It's a bit quieter and more family orientated.

Ok then, is it more expensive to live in the west rather than closer to Manama? Because I am thinking because fuel is so cheap (compared to the UK) and I can drive anywhere in 30 mins I would not mind living away from everything as long as the accommodation is cheaper, as I am not going to spend loads on fuel driving around.

It's more expensive closer to the city so Budaiya, Sar, Janbiyah etc are cheaper unless you find older rentals closer to the city which may be slightly cheaper.

If you search the property website you'll get an idea of what you'd get for X bd in various areas as you can search by area.

Amwaj is further out but def not the cheaper option

Ok thank you. It has been very helpful.

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