British Girl wanting to make new friends around Mont Kiara / KL


hye amber


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IT's always great to meet a new friend coming from different  horizon
Alex It's my name it will be great  for me to be your Friend

Hi There

How are you? Seems like we are in common would you like to have tea or brunch tomorrow.

We can chat more by then.


Heh I wonder how many people would actually meet. Let me try this too I guess

Expat and bored to death! Let me know if anyone wants to catch up sometime.

hi amber do u have skype id ?
its my skype id u can add me and later we can meet

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Hello, I am Kamal. if you would like to try varieties of Malaysian food in KL, I would be able to bring you along.

Hi Amber!

Are you, by any chance, interested in trying out a new sport?

My name is Chloe, I'm mixed Australian and Filipino, and I play gaelic football with a big batch of hilarious and awesome lads and ladies from all over the place! Mainly Irish (of course) but we've people from England, Scotland, Canada, America, Australia, Iran, Malaysia, Holland, etc. Our club plays gaelic football but really, we're mainly out and about having drinks and all that. You're welcome to come along if you might be interested? Even if you're not into sports at all, we've people who genuinely have never shown an interest in exercise, but they tag along for the fun of it all.

Let me know if you are :) if not, that's completely fine and I wish you the best!


Yes sure, Im Danny frm Damansara. When ur free juz drop me a msg. *** enjoy travelling and sports. Have a nice day. See ya

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Hi @ilam ramadan, I'd love to find new friends for cycling activity too.. I live in Cyberjaya and usually go cycling around Putrajaya, I also actively participate in fun ride events in Klang Valley area. Do buzz me if you are interested.

Nice to know u..iim working in kl..see u when y free

Hi all,

Any gal free for coffee or drink pls PM me.

Take care.



My name is terry,  i am a malaysian from petaling jaya... nice to meet u here and glad to meet u too.... so R u working or travelling here?


Let's hang out when free, or jade a swim together as I'm swimming coach;)

Hi my name is V J BALAN .I am Singaporean but now living and working in Malaysia for the last 20 years.

I have a wide circle of friends comprising of Malaysians and Foreigners. I  live in KELANA and travel very often to Mont Kiara.

I run my own business n travel regularly within th region mainly to China, Sri Lanka, India and Singapore.

I am always looking forward to increase my circle of friend and contacts .

So if interested Pse do contact me .


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