Where Do I want to live?

Well, that is encouraging. Saw it on a map just now. that is way out there. I'll try to stay in my right mind and not add it to my list.

It happens in a lot of places, there are long discussions about what is the right prcee to pay and how to bargain, etc. If you are driving, something to inform yourself about, a skill to acquire, but Mexican cops are famous for that. You put it in the budget.

It's only 4 and 1/2 hours to Mexico City by bus.  Less by car.
20 - 30 minutes to Xalapa by bus, taxis once there.  Total transportation cost if you load up with stuff from Walmart or Sams or Costcom 10 to 12 bucks.
An hour and a half from Veracruz.
Is that really far out?

To each his own.

You are talking about Coatepec, right,Gudgrief? I mean the place where Stinkyboy got (almost) his ticket - Coatzacoalcos. That seems off the track a bit, at least from where I'd be going. Coatepec seems convenient enough, not "way out there."

Coatzacoalaos is hardly "off the track," it is a very large city on the coast, near lovely places like Campeche. It is simply not attractive to tourists, because it is an industrial city, a business center. Coatepec is a destination, although not a major one up to now. People visit for the alternative healing, above all, and because it is a pleasant little colonial town where some gringos have decided to settle. And it is near an important and interesting cultural center, Xalapa. Xalapa is well placed because not only is it close to the capitol, but you can also take a bus directly to San Cristobal, about 10-11 hours of travel. Then you are not only in a beautiful and fascinating place, but a few hours from the Guatemala border. So you can get to several significant destinations easily - on a bus! No police problems!

You can go from Xalapa to San Cristobal as in Chiapas? That is a haul. Sure would like to see it (San Cristobal) though. It seems so attractive and such an off in another corner of the world feeling.

San Cristobal is on my list too.  I'm sure you could work out a route that takes you to several places of interest so it wouldn't be such a long haul.  I don't remember the landscape offhand but I'm sure you could lay out a nice tour.

Yes, that is a good idea. That would make it seem less of a haul and more of an adventure.

If you're interested in ruins, you could visit Palenque on the way.

Palenque! Oh my, this is getting to be quite fun! That sounds brilliant. What adventure!

I believe there are also cenotes and falls near San Cristobal.
While you're at it head for Uxmal, Merida and Chichen Itza.

This is turning into quite a trip! :) Uxmal can be visited by public transportation from Merida. It is very beautiful, a magic place, lovely. Much nicer than Chichen Itza. All that is in the Yucatan Peninsula. If you are going to travel in Mexico, better get used to 10-12 hour  bus rides. The  buses are comfortable and professional, there are videos during the day and the scenery to look at. It is really not that bad at all. I was happy to find that bus because I was visiting in Xalapa and wanted to go back to Guatemala. I thought I would have a really long complicated haul and presto! one simple direct bus ride, it was great. I arrived late in San Cristobal and had a room with a fireplace waiting for me, very cozy and fun. San Cristobal is not to be missed. Now, from SC you can take a bus down to Palenque (in the DAY - to see the scenery, and sometimes there are night bandits) - it is some hours, a day project. From there you can go up to Campeche, Merida, etc. That is one way to do it. Once I flew into Cancun - cheapest flights around - and did the reverse, up to San Cristobal, where I had rented a bungalow. Either way you see beautiful things. My original point of course was the convenient location of Xalapa.

Chiapa de corzo,down the mountain from San Cristóbal is worth a visit,lovely boat ride through a canyon.

Yes, Chiapa de Corzo is a nice town, I was there for a festival - amazing - and another time when nothing was happening, it was more boring but it is a nice stop. I did not do the boat trip, though....

I was just going through the comments on this thread again, and I noticed that someone mentioned that Tlaxcala was famous for the people being "fierce" and "unfriendly." I was curious if anyone else has been there and found it to be so. Just to be clear, I have not been there, so I am just inquiring since I do plan to visit that area.

Stinkyboy mentioned Bob Cox in Apizaco, and I did contact him. He is a wealth of information - a tour guide too, so he seems to know the area inside out.

I have been there and they are not very friendly. They come from a warrior tradition - famous for resisting the Spanish - and other Mexicans hold that opinions too. I was mugged outside of Tlaxcala by some young guys - bag snatching - and the locals were not too cool about it, although a few kind people did help me. It is lovely but I would never consider living there or in Puebla - lousy weather too! Lots of cold and rain.

Oh my. That is a bit discouraging. Did that happen in Tlaxcala city?

Didn't imagine the weather would be so cold and rainy though. Good to know. Well, I'll give it a look to see the places anyway.  It is easy enough to get to and all.

I think it was Jean who mentioned Morelia to me as a place to visit,Im so glad she didI have been here off and on for three months now,It has not rained once with highs in The low 80s no humidity and lows in The 50s.Super friendly people,beautiful city with a multitude of parlks and squares plus all The modern  amienities not to mention it is very inexpensive to live here although some spanish is a must.Make sure You visit.

I am definitely going to visit Morelia to give it a look. Seems it does get a lot of positive reviews - and the inexpensive to live part is also encouraging.  Is Patzcuaro worth a look too? Seems to be mixed reviews on that, or at least in terms of a place to live.

Hi guys - Ok, first answer - I was mugged walking up a country road (against my will, but there was not transportation available) to see the spiral pyramid I was  longing to see (love spirals) and which I regret not seeing. I saw some guys hanging out ahead and hestitated, but they are usually so polite. Not these. There was no one around and the biggest guy came up and grabbed my bag. Horrible, it was cold and rainy and I had no money. Nor my passport. Luckily I had forgotten my bank card in Mexico City (I just went for an overnight). And a minute later someone came along, I should have waited and hitched. up. It was lunch hour so I had figured no one would be  around. The guy who came along gave me money!! (and  refused to give me his address so I could reimburse!) and took me to the police. Back in a crowd - it was a Sunday - I can remember all those hard closed faces as I went running around calling for the police. And in the police station no one would help me - it was getting late too - until a gorgeous well coiffed/dressed high heeled woman came in and took care of me right away - everyone listened to her, she was the boss! She took me to the hotel to get my bag, to the bus station to return to the City, and gave me money too. I could pay the bus back and a taxi home, but my passport cost a fortune - because I did not have the old one they charged me the max, despite the police report! No wonder people expatriate! But of course you should visit, they are beautiful cites, there are ruins at Cholula, lovely museums, the ruins near Tlaxcala, etc. Glad Morelia is  working out. I love Patzcuaro, so beautiful an peaceful, all adobe and earthy with two wonderful plazas and lots of cultural activities. But the climate is not good for my health, unfortunately. However many live there and love it for good reasons. All totally worth a visit!

Oh my. That sounds like quite a harrowing tale. Good the boss at the police station was helpful. I am surprised at them giving you money. That seems rather nice, given all things.  Good reminder to keep a copy of ones passport too, based on your experience in trying to get a replacement.

You mix Tlaxcala, Puebla and Cholula together in your discussions. Is that just in terms of weather or in terms of people and the general vibe. I know and know of a lot of people who have studied Spanish in Puebla. What is the draw?

Is Patzcuaro a less or more expensive place to live than Morelia, btw?

They are very close by, same culture, that is why they are 'mixed" - Those people were kind. The boss probably gave me some victim compensation. What would I have done in the rain and cold in the country without money? I would have been lost. Horrible. When you go to places like that, always keep a money pouch hidden with some cash! Patzcurao is probably more expensive, it depends on what you find, you have to look. But Morelia is a big city with awful traffic....

Just to clarify , as my friend, a Mexican native says. There are numerous small cities all over Mexico that are pretty resistant to change, and attempts at causing that change. Yet only 5% are totally resistant. At least 30 languages are spoken in Mexico. The small towns often speak variations of Maya languages and there are many of those."The Maya language is the second most commonly spoken language in Mexico. In all, 759,000 persons speak Maya" Most also speak Spanish. Most of the older languages can be found in southern Mexico.

I have only encountered a few here, and they speak Spanish also, but don't fit in smoothly. I have never experienced hostility, just a serious stare. If you just go about your business and get in and out you should be fine. Or just skip the questionable cities, no matter how beautiful they are said to be. There are numerous beautiful cities in Mexico without the unfriendly vibe.

Those who have been exposed to the Texas Oil situation have a bad attitude for a reason. You would find then around Ciudad del Carmen. Puebla is okay, but the air can be down right toxic when trucks are coming through.

Not sure what the Texas Oil situation is in reference to or why it would have an affect on people's attitudes.  What is that about?

Texas is doing the drilling in that area for Pemex,  They came in and sort of took over. Streets got English signs and miles instead of kilometers.  There was attitude on both sides, Someone I know ( white Brit.) got her car keyed. When I went through there a gas attendant  mimicked obscene acts while gassing the car ending with letting gas run down the side of my car.
I don't drive through there any more. The Texas oil people made it clear what they thought, and the locals made it known what they thought in a more subtle manner. The locals here have agreed there is no love loss for Americans there especially Texans.
A gas attendant here knew immediately what happened to my car and he cleaned the gas off of the side he was very embarrassed, so it is obviously not a uncommon thing.
Fortunately my friend knows an easy way to totally avoid that area when driving north. Many Americans are trying to buy the dream home in the general area , some have waited 4-5 years to see a return on that investment, that can't be helping. It's just a not real stable area in parts.

Oh my, so it is the gulf area then? How wide a swath does that affect (in terms of people's attitudes)? Does it reach in as far as Puebla? Or is it just coastal from like from Veracruz to Campeche?

Good question, hope not. Who would want to live in an oil zone anyway, the air reeking?

It's very specific to the CD del Carmen area which is an Island, it's right where the drilling is and includes the area right before and after the bridge.

Champiton, Puebla, Veracruz Villahermosa, Campeche, and Merida are fine. The yucatan is stable, People are trying to buy land in the Sabancuy area which is quite near there so that could be included. Once you get off of CD del Carmen it should be smooth sailing. It's perhaps a 1/2 mile before and after the bridge which seem to be part of the issue. Just a small rough spot. Yucatan living wrote an article about the problem a year or so ago.

Don't avoid visiting all of those other places, just tread carefully there.

I got a bit confused at the end there. Tread carefully "there" mean in the CD area, right?

Yep, Starting just a 1/2 mile or so before the bridge, you have to take there, and ending about that same distance after the bridge. As far as I know there hasn't been any violence, just attitude. I was stopped several times by police and not "fined", just hassled.  You would probably just ride through on a bus. 
The atmosphere and behavior was enough for me to plan eating and gas before getting there. I met someone in Campeche who goes there routinely, but then he retired from the oil industry, so he probably has a number of oil friends there. Plus He worked and lived there and takes a bus.

Now we just drive around. My friend and I came close to there last year and  went by the same areas where police have fairly routinely  stopped me. With a Mexican driving they didn't even look over.
Parts of the area are pretty. There are lots of areas with pretty areas by water in Mexico.

Yes, of course, there are lots of areas to choose from so it is not necessary to be in a place with so much tension!

@Nik regarding Patsquaro.Its a nice place for a day trip perhaps a weekend.

Or a life!

Thanks, SB.  will give it a look then.  Maybe a day trip, and if it seems to have some draw for me, I'll visit again on a later exploratory adventure.

It would be crazy to miss such a beautiful and well loved place!

Well, I will definitely go! :)  It is hard to know what feels right until you see and... feel it. And such things are pretty much personal reactions too. I am looking forward to it. So next trip will be Tlaxcala, Huamantla, Puebla, Morelia and Patzcuaro! :)

I suggest Jalisco
Ideal climate
Ajijic if you like a dominance of US people

I'm considering a move to Colima state. How big is your house you have for sale. Consider rent -to -own?
I want to be near the coast with-in a mile or two.
What is the cost of living like?
I'm just looking for 1bedrm / 1 bath to rent.
Could a guy survive on $ 800 US ?

Anybody have any input ?
Spent 5.5 months in Merida last year. It was OK but the garbage everywhere got to me.
30 to 35 C everyday is a little much for this old body.

What do you mean by "garbage everywhere?"  You mean there was literally garbage out on the street?

I am looking at coatepec. I want an unfurnished small casa, one or two br. I need a waterproof roof, a bathroom, and running water. Want long term rental for me and my cats. I do not need fancy, I just want to live a safe quiet life. I am retired nurse. need to be close to public transport

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