I search for an apartment to live in t&t.

Hello frndz, i ll soon move to tt,so need a cheap apartment to live there.
Plz tell me prices per month en TT.

Hello! the prices varies, can you specify what type of apartment are you looking for and a budget

Hello nadan0006,

What you can do is to drop and advert in the Flats for rent in Trinidad and Tobago and inquire about the prices anytime you get a proposal.

Best of luck,

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Hello brother r u in TnT??

hello any pakistani here ?? in tobago

Pakistani is here but but not in tobago......

Avoid at all costs any accommodation in or near St. Augustine or Tunapuna. Here is my experience in an apartment I rent (from my employer) for an insanely hight price, given how dirty and noisy the place is:

Hello everyone,

What is procedure to fly for visit visa from Thailand to T & T?

Thank you in advance.


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