Where the heck is my tax refund check?

Surprise Surprise! I checked my account just looking for my work pay check and there it was Hacienda has sent me refund with slight interest!😉. Thank you so much for the information given to me.

Congratulations, how long you had to wait?
Bet less than last year.

This gives me hope, its our first time filing a return in PR and I've been waiting... maybe before years end

Yes!! I think they started sending them out towards the end of October. I hope you get it before years end too.

How long did you have to wait?

I had to wait since April of this year.

Still waiting. This is the last year I will have had to file. PR will never owe me anything again. Curious as to the size of the refunds that they are paying. Owning me about seven grand, I may be on the higher end and may have to wait longer. Which doesn't make sense since they will be paying more interest. But that's the state they are in.
By the way, they've just elected a governor in favor of statehood. Can you imagine a republican Congress granting statehood to them?

I do not mine sharing mine was in the 1500 range. Yea think they are giving te smaller ones first.

I wondered about PR being granted statehood when I read it yesterday? Is that really the direction PR wants to go or just talk?

Getting out of subject people and into politics

Didn't get last years refund until Feb.. Maybe with the US Gov't getting involved they feel safer paying refunds earlier. Be nice having the money for the holidays.

I was wondering the same thing, our refund is just under 6k, when we call the automated service in English, we are told that there is an error in our filing and they are reviewing our response, which we never provided because we never received notice of an error, when the PR firm that filed for us calls, in Spanish, they are told our refund was processed and is in line for refund, and the website to check the status says the same, processed and in turn for refund.  I'm now thinking we're not going to see this until 2017

Still waiting. I've lost hope getting it before the New Year. You would think that they would refund before the new tax filing period but who knows. The deadline for delaying bond payments is up soon and they still seem to want a bailout from the US. I'm glad I don't have to file again.

Jenny - What website did you use to check the status of your return?

Last I heard all returns are to be send by year end, but who knows if they have the money to do it or not.

I'm pessimistic. They keep claiming that they will be completely out of liquidity at the beginning of the new year. Who knows. They're trying to get a bailout. I hope you are right.

I use

I spoke with my accountant in PR yesterday and she said many people are having an issue when calling the automated system and selecting the English option.  Unfortunately, she doesn't feel that we'll see anything until next year

Thanks. No surprise.

Much to my surprise, my return was deposited this morning; hopefully you have had the same luck!

Congratulation! I've not received mine yet although the status website says that it has been processed and is waiting to be returned. Patience.

Acording to newspaper article Hacienda sent out 141.6 million in refunds and that it was the last of it. If you don't get it in a few days there is an issue. Basically they said they are done.

That's encouraging. We'll see.

Not sure where your check will go if to a PR bank based on when you filed, or a US bank or address. Check where you requested payment to just in case

I requested sent to my home address just like last year. Checked todays mail but nothing yet.

Got it..........with interest!


They have seen my taxable income for the last time. If they're lucky, they may see some tourist money in the future.


Thank you for all the helpful comments in that Im not alone. I have been waiting for my PR income tax return since 2014. I got every run around others who have posted say they experienced. Last month I went to the Virtual Hacienda website and guess what?

"Account not found"

I have written the Ombudsman in PR three time by certified mail, the PR Attorney General 2 times with a Complaint of Theft and spoken to the HAcienda Supervisors 14 times. My number is now hung up on constantly. There has been no response to my written complaints nor from the PR ATtorney General.

These bureaucrats are criminals who have stolen th4 wealth of PR by legal means AND not paying their governments bills.

Same thing is happening here.

If we allow ourselves to be "held-up" we deserve it.

PAY NOTHING sounds like reasonable advise.


If you are still a PR resident I would highly recommend you actually visit the departamento de hacienda and/or Ombudsman in person with every shred of evidence you have. If there is an opportunity to ignore you, it will be taken. Hard to ignore someone who is standing right in front of you.

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