Where the heck is my tax refund check?

Apparently new paper fillings for 2015 will only be accepted under special conditions. They want you to file 2015 online at

I assume it is ready, but who knows: … a-1137614/

Thanks. Encouraging.

Finally got it -- with interest. Now for 2015......

Are you taking us out for a drink with the money?

Meet you at the El San Juan in Isle Verde next time I'm in PR. Margaritas on me.

For 2015, how can you file on-line in english or get a paper form in english. My accountant has had no luck finding a paper form as in previous years. Tried to call but couldn't get through. Surprise, surprise!

You can file via which surprisingly works really well.  There's an option to file in English and the full form can be found on

Tasmania won't allow me to register and I can't find the option for english at the hacienda site probably because I can't read spanish. … tax-return

Did you say taxmania can be switched to English?  I'm not seeing that option... thanks!


under the account section - yes.

awesome... thanks!

So where is the accounts section?

"Cuenta" in the top right.

Apparently my web browser (Safari) is not showing "Cuenta" on the home page. Neither does Firefox.

Got it. Thanks a bunch.

So, I finally get the tax refund check from 2014 only to have it bounce.  Upon contact to the Development Bank they say, "oh yeah we switch accounts"  What?!?!?

So now, after 2 hours on hold with Hacienda and having to hang up to go to work, I still don't know how to get paid. 

Does anyone have any ph# for Hacienda that is not the 721-2020 number or suggestions?

"Finally got it -- with interest. Now for 2015......"

Fred, what interest rate did they pay you?  From my 2014 tax year filing, I overpaid about $10,000 and never received any refund or interest.  That expected refund amount will be applied to my 2015 return.   When I filed my 2015 tax year extension this week, I asked a Hacienda agent about my missing refund.  She laughed, saying PR is broke and thus has no money to refund.

Hope you all filed your federal and maybe your PR 2015 taxes. I just finished my federal and i had to pay so I waited until today.

Only federal for us. Didn't had to pay this year.  :)


Fred, 3% interest payed to you ???

Si, and now I'll be waiting for my 2015 refund. Wishful thinking?

They said it was started, but then I read they will start in June. It should be in your hands by 2025, no problem.

Story from San Juan Weekly, see below

A total of 96,817 local taxpayers will re- ceive their tax refunds for 2015 from the first payments made by the De- partment of Treasury at the end of this week or the beginning of next week, said María Quintero, director of communications for the agency, on Thursday.
Last week, secretary of Treasury Juan Zaragoza said the first payment would total $15 million, according to CyberNews.
Of this total, approximately $7 million, or 6,681 payments, correspond to returns left over from 2014 that had not been processed for having mathematical errors, being under revision or for amendments to the tax forms,
among other reasons.
The rest of the payment, some $8 mil-
lion, will refund taxes paid on income for 2015.
Zaragoza said that, like last year, the payment of the returns for 2015 will be sub- ject to Treasury Department cash flow.
In 2015, Treasury delivered more than 540,000 refunds that included tax returns filed late. Of these, close to 70,000 were paid between January and March of this year, after the agency fell behind in the repayments be- cause of the government liquidity crisis.
Up to last Friday, May 20, the Treasury Department had received 904,496 tax forms for 2015, of which 871,414 (96.43 percent) were filed electronically and 33,082 (3.57 per- cent) were filed on paper.

Interesting. At least they've started refunding. I don't think that the proposed bill in Congress will help speed up the process. Just like last year, we'll wait.

Well it looks like massive demonstrations are being lined up against the board and HR 5278. More than 200 politicians, Union Leaders and others meet to start the processes for the demonstrations in anticipation that congress will be passing HR 5278 into law.

Article from SanJuan Weekly:
Threat of ‘Colonial Control Board’ Seen as Trigger for Mass Mobilization in PR
By JOHN McPHAUL jpmcphaul[at]
The looming imposition of a “colonial control board” over the government of Puerto Rico is awakening social mobili- zation on the island and renewing calls for independence for Puerto Rico, according to Inter News Ser- vice.
Puerto Rico’s political class and different social sectors are re- jecting the possibility of the arrival of a fiscal supervisory board for Puerto Rico named by Washington to oversee the executive branch of the island government and would be responsible for restructuring the island’s $70 billion debt.
The U.S. House of Representa- tives Natural Resources Commit- tee approved on Wednesday, with practically no amendments, HR 5278, or the Puerto Rico Oversight,
Management and Economic Stabil- ity Act (PROMESA).
To be a reality, the law must be approved by the full House and the Senate, which could occur in June,
although no concrete date has been set for a vote by the full House.
Independence leader Rafael Cancel Miranda, who along with Lolita Lebrón, Andrés Figueroa
Cordero and Irving Flores opened
fire in Congress in Washington in March 1954, said Thursday in a ra- dio interview that the proposed im- position of the board points to the need to “continue struggling for in- dependence.”
“This board has been here for- ever,” said Cancel Miranda, prob- ably the most prominent figure in the independence movement of Puerto Rico in the past 50 years.
“Whatever kind of struggle,” he said upon being asked about what measures should be taken to counteract the supervisory board that could arrive from Washington and would be formed, he said, “by little dictators.”
Cancel insisted that the su- pervisory board will be a follow- up to what has occurred in Puerto Rico since 1898 (when Puerto Rico became a U.S. territory), which he said has been a process of increased control of the lives of the citizens of
the island through the “imposition of the laws of the United States.”
Working People’s Party (PPT by its Spanish acronym) candi- date for governor Rafael Bernabé said Thursday that more than 200 people met last night to coordinate protests in Puerto Rico and Wash- ington against the fiscal board.
“We hope that there are mobi- lizations of protest to send a clear message to the U.S. Congress that we don’t want this board,” the PPT leader said.
Bernabé referred to the more than 200 people who met in the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Juan on Wednesday evening to show their rejection of the board.
“There were political and union figures from all sectors, me representing my party, the mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, and people of other parties,” said Bernabé, who predicted new pro- tests in the next week.
The legislative step taken in Washington continued to provoke reaction Thursday among the lo- cal political class, as in the case of legislator José Enrique Meléndez of the opposition New Progressive Party, who said the bill that would create the fiscal control board is “dangerous and poisonous” for Puerto Rico.
Popular Democratic Party Sen. Antonio Fas Alzamora said the board “returns to an era when Spain ceded sovereignty of Puerto Rico to the United States,” and eliminates “all the democratic steps that were taken during the 20th Century.”
The supervisory board, in case the bill as currently written is rati- fied by the U.S. Congress, will have the power to establish fiscal policy in Puerto Rico, to control the annu- al budget and, in general, supervise laws that come out of the island Legislature.

They can protest all they want but I expect that the majority of Puerto Ricans would not want to cut ties with the states. They've already shown that they can't govern themselves so independence would be counter-productive.

My fear is that protests can get ugly and some may get hurt

Yup, Puerto Ricans like to demonstrate. I worked at a Federal Gov't site and there was a demonstration every other day for different reasons.

I lived in Vieques for about a year. I had to file my 2015 taxes there. Still waiting for mine...and that was March. I could really use it now that I am back in the states.

You will get it eventually, but it may be a while. Some of the check were released late last week but not all the checks were released

Thank you very much😁. For a positive outlook.

According to a news item Hacienda expect to send from 85% to 90% of the checks for tax refunds by the end of October. Likely the remeinder are larger amounts that they like to hold on to till the last minute.

Thank you! I remember somebody saying that I will have to wait until October. I guess its all the people with over 1000 dollars pending. Smh. Poor Puerto Rico. They were good to me and such a great place, but if only they could budget their money better.  :(

They have nothing but trouble with money, they get money from one account to pay another account. Like paying a credit card with another

As they say Robbing Peter to Paul. I just really hope I am in that big percentage getting their refund this Month

So I just called the Dept if Treasury hacienda and of course it said my SS number that my taxes had an error. I think that is what theyvare telling everyone. I had my account do it and its never been a problem.

Did they say what the error was?
Yes, I agree that is likely a delay tactic, maybe so they don't have to pay you the additional 6% interest.

Of course they did not. It was an automated response lol. They know better than to put a live person on the other side. So I guess its the waiting game.

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