Relocating to KL


I am relocating to KL in next month. I am sure in taking a furnished home.

But I wish to move all my kitchen items ( steel/Mixer Grinder) from Hyd,India to KL.

Any suggestions on how to do it and cost it involves?

Thanks in advance,

Subalipack are a receiving agent in Malaysia (very reliable and well connected).  See if they can suggest their counterpart in India.

Thanks. I will check

Hi to be brutally honest (me lol) if your company are not paying relocation expenses then I suspect they are cheapskates and paying you very little. In that case you you may have your expectations seriously damaged especially as the RM is so low.

If less than 10k single, 12 k married (not working partner) plus 1k per kid preschool and 5k post school age (or 1k plus free education) then I suggest you are underpaid. Badly. I add this for other readers as well. This the min to allow savings assuming cheap lifestyle - go out once a month. Cinema 2 a month. Eat home or cheap local food. Not a big drinker etc. Family man if married. And assuming 25% savings. I stress not western lifestyle. Most westerners need more but not all. Colleagues think this all very low! Locals also!

Medical btw has to be provided by law now to expats so check that.

Otherwise note it is a real hassle i sent stuff over and the good stuff "was lost" so make sure you are insured!

Hi Surya,

Please provide some more details like are you married? Kids? preferred area of living?

The information Nemodot has shared is very good.

Let me add my points into that.

I would definitely stress that salary package should be good as the Ringgit has down drastically down.

Don't come if you are offered less than 10K. Above that negotiate as much as you can and get a handsome take home salary. This is what my view.

If you are an IT professional, then let me know what specific area you work on so that I could share the information accordingly. IT market is good here and you have chances to  grow.

Please share some more details so that members here can guide you more.

_Muhammad Tariq

Hello guys!
I'm assuming the numbers are in RM per moth correct??? What should be the comfortable income (going out 1-2 time3s a week, cinema 1 time per week, little shopping weekly,....etc). No luxury, but comfortable. 30k RM/month? 40kRM/month?
Also are we talking income before taxes or after? Actually, how is ti with taxes in Malaysia?


I used to live in KL. Back to Sweden now renewing another contract for 2 years. I just got a 3-bedroom condo with the help of a friend in KL. I need one person to share the place. Move back to KL in 2 weeks. Alex


my cousin in malaysia   mr lawrence you can call him  **he should be able to help cause in receiving line .you can discuss on rental

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