Djibouti living with pets.

We are considering taking a position/job in Djibouti.  We are an older couple with 2 small dogs. We have lived in SE Asia so living abroad is nt totally new two us.  What is the housing situation like for peope with pets?


Morning....It shouldn't be a problem. We live in Djibouti with our three large dogs and its no problem at all.

Good luck with your move

Thank you

By any chance do you know if there are any animal rescue or humane society type associations in Djibouti? I am looking to get a dog when I move there in December, but would rather adopt a local rescue than bring an animal with me. I'm afraid any dog I'd bring from Belgium would probably not handle the extreme climate changes.

Also, are there good, reliable vet services in Djibouti?

Thank you for any info you can share

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