6th of October City

Does anyone have any experience of living in / thoughts about 6th of October City? 

It looks like my prospective employers in Egypt may encourage me to live in 6th of October, in part because they would be providing a shared driver to work (so it presumably helps to have all employees close to each other), and in part because of the easier access to the project site in Giza.  Those are both understandable reasons, but I'm a little concerned about the potential isolation from Cairo proper.  The areas I'm being shown links to are, as far as I can tell, at the eastern edge of 6th of October.

6 October is a neat place to live ( i live there ) , it's 30 min away from Cairo with a taxi ,but i rarely need to go out of October as it's a very self sufficient place lol but if u don't drive or plan on using public transportation buses i think it would be a different story :)

Thanks Mary.  The latest update is that I would in fact have a choice, and could live in Maadi or Zamalek if I chose to; I wouldn't be required to live in 6th of October.

However, things are dragging on a bit with finalising this, alas - so who knows when it might happen.

Just like Mary said it's self suffecient but if i was given the choice i'd choose zamalek
Hope things are more clearer for you

i think it is hard to choose but i think in october is away from traffic and if ur giza it`ll be easy for u to go their , i know in maadi or zamalak is nice but to see this traffic everyday is very difficult
good luck

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