Registering a vehicle in the Dominican Republic

Certainly better and more efficient than the "mail" (or lack of mail) service here.

Bob K

Bob I understand the value of the vehicle determines the cost of the transfer documents?

The value of the vehicle determines the amount of tax to be paid when registering.  So yes it will effect the amount you will pay when  you register it.

Bob K

Do you know what the rate or percentage is Bob?

No I don't but it is quite a bit. I bet over the 18% ITBS rate and  again based on the value of your car which many times has  nothing to do with the real value but is inflated.  Remember ALL vehicles here are valued at least 35% higher than in the US (Kelly blue book as an example)

Bob K

Hi, we just went to our lawyer and she wants 250USD plus 2% of the value of the car we want to buy, just to get it into our name!  Is that right?

It sounds is a very reasonable rate she´s giving you

Sounds about right to me too.  2% is the tax.

Yep works of me as well

Bob K

Please note that the value of the vehicle is determined by DGII (Dominican Tax Agency). The amount of the tax payed will be a percentage of this value and not the actual purchase price for the vehicle.

And the worst part is that many times they make up their own value on imports including cars and all other items.

Sometimes the number they come up with are not based on reality and have nothing to do with what you paid for the item

Bob K

And they are all subject to "rethinking the value" based on a "propina"   -  Use a lawyer who knows what they are doing and are well connected!

Ok guys bought my finca in Monte Plata my car has new law exemption 167.8 i believe cause my spouse is Dominican. I called MAPFRE and got a quote full cover. I'll  see you guys in DR. BTW I'm  a retired Navy vet and worked for Military Order Of The Purple Heart for the past 9 yrs ANY questions on VA comp. and its laws let me know

Welcome to the forums and  congrats on the  purchases......  Thanks for offering your help to others!

You're welcome

AXEL welcome to the forum

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Gracias Bob K

Hello folks,  does anyone know how long it is supposed to take to receive your matricula from a NEW motorcycle purchase?  I've been waiting for 90 days so far and still no matricula...


should take  3 weeks honey. Something is wrong.

Yep 2-3 weeks.  Did you pay the full amount on the bike?  Most will hold back a certain amount till the papers are delivered.

Bob K

My wife and I just moved to DR and will be here for around 3 months. Her cousin who's from here has a newly imported car that she's offered to us for free but it needs to be registered (get license plates) and insured. It's nothing fancy, Chevy HHR, maybe 8 years old.
Does anybody have any idea of the best way to go about this and approximate costs, or a better place to get a quote for the registration and insurance?
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Welcome to Nightmare on Elm Street my advice is look for a broker but be advised vehicles with over 5 yrs are not to be imported that 8 yr old sounds fishy to me , just in plates youre at 1.5k yes you read that right import taxes can run amok, if you via  law 168 for retirees as i did or if youre married i still paid 1.5k for a 2011 BMW 335d, any questions call me 787.459.4518 and Ill get u my broker ok

Very expensive and at 8 years old you probably can't register it either. 
IF you are only here for 3 months why not a rental.  You can get pretty cheap rates on rentals that are long term (over a month)

Bob K

American Car Rental is the one I used for a week over a yr ago they were definetely the cheapest

Just to clarify yes you can register a car more than 8 years old. It is already inported so that is not at issue. Sounds like the importer cannot afford to register or insure it.

My opinion - dont do it!

I just spoke to my BROKER cars with over 5 yrs will not imported. Also, i believe this car on an extreme case was brought via Ferry from Puerto Rico thus after 30 days it incurs $20  a day fine, unless this car exempted with legal papers as i hv for my 2004 Chevy for an extension of 3 moths and then after try to extended more so. DONT bother w that car

Yep time to look elsewhere.

Bob K

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