Plan to go to Phnom Penh with $3000 as startup - possible?

We have rented an apartment in the center.
We already have a meeting with a potential partner, first meeting, planed for Lunch on Wednesday 4th.
But could do lunch on Thursday the 5th? My mail.
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Please remember to send the name/address of that clinic.
Regards to your wife,

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Hey Lady,

  I'm a very similar situation to you, at the moment, except I'm leaving for PP on Saturday. I have about $4500 USD saved up, an Airbnb room booked, and a job. I highly suggest that you get on the Cambodian FB forums. They are a wealth of information- specifically the Cambodian Foreign English Teachers group. I landed a job tutoring 5-7 year old chinese kids via Skype for $10 bucks an hour with the opportunity to earn more. I'm getting my TEFL in October through Language Corps and will start working in November. There are tons of opportunities- look me up when you land :) Best of luck! We can do it!

The clinic information;

Ek Sovann Mony Clinic
#36-38 St. Notbird
Sangkat Tekthla
Khan Sensok
Phnom Penh

012 67 2828 / 017 47 9696

Prof. Ek Sovann Mony MD. D.E.S

Main education in France

Hope this helps.  This is off of his business card

Hi everybody,

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Priscilla  :cheers:

Bring more money if you can,
There is no sense to come and run out of funds and take nothing home, 
Not  enough for a year
Get a job asap

Sorry but the honest truth is that its not gonna work and you'll a horrible experience.

Ppl think they can just jump on a plane and land in some 3rd world asian country and live the life on the cheap.  Big mistake; many did so and failed miserably.

As westerners we've standards and basic necessities that cost money..sometimes much more than in the west.

Living on the cheap side wont get you the ppls respect; and that wont help getting any kind of job.  They dont need an extra mouth to feed or help; they've a hard time surviving.

3000 bucks is more like 300 bucks while traveling; it wont get u far if u want a comfortable bed and a decent meal.

Locals already have a very bad impression of westerners due to your same thinking -  " start a new life in XYZ country and leave my troubles behind, just need a happy go luck attitude" - Wrong.

Troubles will chase you across the world since they are within you.  Solve your issues and troubles at home; then come here for a holiday with a princely budget to enjoy life and reflect about what you want to do.  Running away only makes things worse.

I've heard locals saying these same words everywhere " we want rich westerners..they r cheap backpacker looking for a cheap job..better stay home.."

Hope you get my point, son.

Great article above .... You can do it But get ready for some serious Pain!! No pain no Gain?

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