Advice on opening a restaurant in Guangzhou

Hi everyone!

I'm new to this site so please excuse me if I blunder or offend (I'll apologise now)!

I've lived in Shanghai for 2 yrs and recently moved to Guangzhou.. I was wondering if anyone who reads this has some advice for me as I would like to establish an European deli/ bar.

I have previously owned a sushi restaurant in London so I know the basics of setting up but what I don't know are the the laws and regulations subjected to this city..or a contact business info who will be able to point me in the right direction.

Many thanks

There is company that help you to file all your documents, and get all the license. Beware of all the traps from landlords, contractors, government officials, labors help and anyone who wanted to help. China is not a fun place for foreigner to do business. Good Luck.

Hi friend seems you are going to navigate in the large without compass , first choose and employ an honest useful assistant who speaks perfectly English and  knows about accountant Banking and administration , there are specialized people as lawyer for any profession but they cost expensive and anyway you should move and do everything with them, this assistant can ask and get the right information firstly from the local shop owners who run the restaurant because China also like lots of countries has its special professional regulation, after this first step you will certainly be more clear about what you have to do, the food business is good like everywhere in the world , and in China if you can handle it professionally with a good Chinese handler assisting your administrative needs you had won all .Good luck don't afraid but be careful

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