Greetings i would like to meet new people

hi out there am hamuza, i would to meet new people thanks any one interested is welcome

Hi ntegehamuza,

A little introduction will be the most welcome !


thanks Priscilla for your reply.

how are you doing and how is Luxembourg.

i would like to get in touch with you if you wish

stay well please.

kind regards

ntege hamuza

Hello ntege hamuza,

Priscilla is one of the moderators of Expat-Blog.

We always encourage our new members to introduce themselves so as other members of the forum may get acquainted to you. :)

Best of luck,

Hi am paa I also extends my greetings to you hamuza.nice meeting you

count me please

@ Homoud.only,

Please have a look at the year and date of the thread before posting.

Thank you,


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