Best areas to live in Munich


My husband and I are moving to Munich and trying to determine which area of the city we want to live in. We're both late 20s and would like to live in a cool, maybe artsy area with lots of shopping possibilities and good public transit options. I've read a lot about the various districts, but was wondering if anyone had any firsthand experience/recommendations.


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if you want to live in an area with lots of cafes, bars and opportunities to go out I would recommend Au/Haidhausen, the Glockenbachviertel or Schwabing!
These are unfortunately also the most expensive areas to live in though.
If you have more questions- feel free to contact me!
I will be happy to help!

I have been here in munich 4 yrs, schwabing is very expensive and since munich has the best public transit system, you can be anywhere in 20 minutes.
I live in the old nobility area of Gern close to the olympic park and the kings Schloss-palace.
since you are in your late 20's you should look into the area around the staatstheater and gartner platz.
this is the hottest new area with the best new shops,small clubs, good new restruants and great new boutiques.
this area i mentioned above has all the energy that Schwabing used to have 20 yrs ago but it priced itself out.
its very  INDIE you will fall in love with the super cool vibe right away Schwabing is full of trendy types-while gartner platz has the urban cool/chic/shopisticated cali vibe with european maturity.
this area is also right in the heart of the city and the GARTNERPLATZ circle is a gathering place on summer nights for the 20 something crowd as they drink beer on the steps of the opera house and pass joints on the flower gartens circle.
google it and be amazed.

I did live in madison for about a yr before i jumped the pond you will love munich and the gartnerplatz area i mentioned above.

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