Help! Starting salon in Marrakesh-->Advice,comment,tips,do's&don't


Need all the advice I can get, so I can make some good en clear decisions.
My profession is beauty business, and my plan is to open a very small salon totally new concept in Marrakech.
No city spa, no ordinary beauty salon, no hammam (like we have thousands of them) but a total unique concept. 
I noticed that the brands, quality, service, and most of all the hygienic in some chases are very poor.
That's really a change to get I think? It's all French brands but I miss the Dutch (Rituals)  American (Anastasia&MAC) , and UK brands and the service. Its not going to be cheap, but also not expensive.
I don't need a partner (I'm Moroccan born in Holland) don't need a investor (just need costumers ;-) I just want all the advice because sometimes you can miss something.
Thank you all for you're precious time.

Cheers Moon

You say what your salon would not be ("city spa, ordinary beauty salon, hammam") but not what it would be.  Tell us a little more about what your business would offer as services, and what would make it special and different from other beauty salons in the area?  I assume it is more than just offering different product brands from the French ones?

As someone who does not go to beauty salons much (or at all) except to get my hair cut when it needs it, I don't know how much I can advise you on the best way to proceed;  on the other hand, if your salon is really different from the others, it might appeal to people like me who don't go to typical beauty salons.  So please describe your idea in more detail.

Thank you very much Jen
I would love to inbox you the details about the kind of salon it will be.
Maybe you can advice/tell  me about what kind of papers/fees/insurance  I need, how much the taxes are?
Like the practical  and legal things for starting any kind of salon/ store/ business  in Marrakech/ Morocco


I've just read your post, and I was wondering how you got on? and if you've managed to open up your beauty salon!

Would love to hear back from you as I am interested in the same field

Many thanks



Hi everyone,

@ Brows&waxing, anything you want to share ?

Please feel free to share your experience, it will be very much appreciated.

All the best,

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