Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants and Food Sources

I got the idea of starting this thread after I read the following post:

The poster found a good vegetarian site, HappyCow and wanted to share this discovery with us. Let's use this thread to share information about vegetarian and vegan restaurants and food stores carrying vegan and vegetarian products. Google searches are helpful but gleaned information is incomplete.

About me. I and my wife Karen are vegan. We live in Rincon, on the west coast. I cook a lot because most restaurants are not very vegan. Therefore I am often on the hunt for stores that sell fresh, organic vegetables and fruit, tofu and tempeh, etc. I am also on the hunt for restaurants that serve vegan, vegetarian, or are vegetarian/vegan friendly.

We have other dietary requirements beyond the vegan ones. We eat no sugar and foods made with sugar; most processed foods contain sugar, and I said we try to avoid processed food. We buy foods that are organic, if available, in order to avoid pesticides and such. We try to avoid foods that use bleached, fortified flour.

like I'm out of time for now. I'll make up a list of vegetarian/vegan places I eaten at and  add it here later. Please feel free to add yours.

A rnote: the purpose of this thread is to share information about restaurants (including food carts) that are vegan, vegetarian, or vegetarian/vegan friendly. This is the wrong thread to discuss vegetarian and vegan issues and philosophies. These topics deserve their own thread.

Thanks for your post Victor. I just moved to Rincon, and was the owner/chef if two Vegetarian restaurants in N.Y. I was macrobiotic for many years, and am trying to locate whole foods I eat. I'm sure it might be easier in San Juan area, but here, I haven't found any tempeh, or whole grains other than quinoa. As I continue to search and find, I'll post also. Are the fruits and veggies sold along the roadside mostly from small farms?

vegchef - thanks for your post.
I go to two stores for tempeh:
1. Fresh Mart, Plaza Victoria, Carr. 2 KM 129.5, Aguadilla, 787-882-7800
2. Seventh-Day Adventist food store, near the Western Mall (Home Depot) in Mayaguez (about 20 minutes from Rincon). I think it is the left by the Holiday Inn. I know how to get there but can't describe the route at the moment but will get back to you.

Both these stores sell other stuff you'd be interested in.
Although they sell tempeh they are out of it most of the time. When they do have it I stock up. Either of these stores may have whole grains.

For organic vegetables we go to the Sana Farms outlet which is across the street from the post office in Rincon. When you go say hello to our friends Teri and Nathan who have a food cart in front of the post office; their summers hours a 10am to the early afternoon Mon-Wed. The name of their cart is The Surfing Potato.

Also try the Sunday market that is in the Rincon town square. There is organic produce there.

My wife is vegetarian and we have enjoyed several restaurants in the metro area:

-For Mediterranean food, Alibaba in Condado and Istanbul Turkish Restaurant in OSJ
-Cafe St. Germain in OSJ
-Cafe Berlin

We haven't been to Verde Mesa, but friends have said it is wonderful.

In OSJ there is Mercado Agricola Natural every Saturday morning in the courtyard of the San Juan Museum.  They usually have lots of fruits, veggies, health care products, etc.  There is a vendor that sells some wonderful pumpkin bread.

Interesting article, not sure if there is any science behind it or not but this could spread to other countries.

I haven't eaten at Cafe St. Germain in VSJ, but my next door neighbor there is of  East Indian descent, a vegetarian and recommends it hightly.

I am a vegetarian and I am happy to see other vegetarians are on here and to find out that it is possible to find tofu/tempeh at some stores on the island!

Tarina, I guess you wont be heading to Guavate then. It is famous for the many excelent places with roasted pig.

I hang with a lot of Indians here in the states and I learned to enjoy their food, but a tender and greasy pork piece still wins me over

Haha my husband would agree with you!   ;)

Hi, Vic, hope you are well!  This is a great thread that you have started and it seems there are many on here that are vegetarian or vegan.

In the West, for vegan/vegetarian options,I agree with the 7th day adventist store in Mayaguez.  The Sunday afternoon buffet iso amazing.
Also check out Natural Life Cafe in Moca.

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