GCC visa medical test details , pls help


I'm moving to kuwait, on a family visa , before I do a medical at GAMCA, I want to pre check and make sure thing are ok

Could someone please tell me , what kind of tests do they do in medical? I know they do X ray,  but what shud I test in blood and urine ?

Thanks so much

Dear Friend,

You need to visit your GAMCA center with your original Visa and passport (go before 10 AM ). The Gamca center will that give you a Gamca clip and they will inform you that on which medical center you have to go for medical checkup. Don’t worry about which tests you have to undergo, the medical center where GAMCA will send you will do all the required tests and X-ray. You just have to give Blood that’s it  ;)


Thats better you do pre medical test because if GCC panel doctors find any thing wrong they certify you unfit and they dont declare to you and if found unfit in future also its difficult to travel kuwait.

So take precautions measures

Whether eye test is also done? if yes, what type of tests?

Dear sujitbiswa,

Yes, they will do eye test (Normal test). they will just see your visibility. This does NOT MEAN that if your retinas are 6/6 then only you will able to clear your medical.  :dumbom:


Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge best regards and take care

Thanks dear a little more clarification on eye test that is whether visibility is checked for both eyes together or each eyes separately


one by one


I have a slight vission dffect. -1 each eye. My vision is 6/9. Test is next week. Will there b any issues ??


This will not be a problem.

How abt the reports as I have heard unfit ratio is more than the fit one's..  especially with X-Ray. any idea?

As i said in your post, the communicable disease are the serious issue.
During my medical many people threaten me that you(it means me) have cold and cough, you will be rejected but it was nothing like that.

Same with me too. More than anyother thing this "medical test" is haunting me. So many people and their stories abt khadamat pvt ltd. Thanks for ur words. Sighh! :)


And one more thing, if God forbidden you have anything due to which you are unable to clear medical (GOD FORBIDDEN) they will not directly reject your visa, the doctor there will suggest you some medication and will tell you to apply again for medical after few days

Oh.. thts crazy, people here told me, they vl put reject seal on PP and retain the original visa with them. And wont b able to travel with tht PP for an yr n forget abt Kuwait forever. Since all GCC centers and khadamat is linked to one another. GAMCA is better than Khadamath n blah blah..was scared to d core.

yes GAMCA was good, but don't worry everything will be good.

They will keep visa with them but still the laboratory persons can help you if you have any small medical issue.

And why are u so worried, just chill.

Dnt no y.. till medical test is done n I hv reports in my hand Il b restless. Yes after ur response im bit ok. Thank u :)

Shaguftame :

Dnt no y.. till medical test is done n I hv reports in my hand Il b restless. Yes after ur response im bit ok. Thank u :)

Let us know what was your medical result.

Sure. My appointment has been postponed to nxt week. Il update the status once known :)

Hi. My medical was done yesterday and recvd my result today with FIT report :) finally tensions r over= Thanks everyone for the response and kind words :)

Hello good day every one.....

I just want to know how long should I wait for processing the kuwait visa..I was hired last May 17 , 2017 of our employer..I already signed Job Order from our agency but we dont have copy yet. All the requirements was there already except for my Medical examination...So now it's almost 3 months waiting for my working visa....the other day I called the agency to follow-up my visa status...but they just told me to wait for there calls now I just get upset and feeling frustrated because I sacrifice alot ....the time , Money and other opportunities like intrvws for other can I go for ntrvw if I dont have passport etc...

please post your experience here,i have a  medical test on next weak my both eyes are  6/9 there any problem.

I had my medical test done in Mumbai, India through Khadamat Integrated Solutions. You don't need an appointment to go there but it is advisable to get an online appointment so they already have all your details entered in the system. Once you report there they will assign you a token no at the reception and will check your documents. You will be made to sign a limitation of liability document.

Then you will be directed to the waiting area until your token no is called. At the processing desk, the Khadamat employee will ask for your original passport, alternate ID, your work visa original. They will assign you a diagnostic centre which is partnered with Khadamat.

At the diagnostic center they will check the following:
1) Blood tests (5 blood samples will be collected): Liver Function Test, Kidney Function Test, HIV, Hepatitis B & C, Malaria & Filaria, VDRL test
2) Urine & Stool Test
3) Chest X-Ray to look for spots, signs of previous illness
4) Eye Test
5) Physical Check up (height, weight, pulse, BP etc). They'll ask you about your medical history, cholesterol, diabetes etc & family history of these diseases. They also examine you for any skin diseases.

Thats pretty much it. Once the results are ready, Khadamat will send you an SMS and give you back your visa with FIT stamped on it alongwith a medical certificate from the diagnostic centre, if you clear the test.

All the best. Pls pm for any specific questions.

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