Hi fellas. Today I submitted all the requirements needed for Samba Jarir Credit Card. Anyone here have an experience using this CC? I only applied for CC because I wanted to buy a new gaming laptop rig from Jarir but I don't want to shell out a one time payment. Besides, I saw their offer of 0% interest so I was enticed to get one.

All inputs will be greatly appreciated, thanks for your time!  :D


Hmmm. I guess nobody in here have tried using Samba Jarir Credit Card eh?  :/  :(

@ kimyboy > A little more patience please, you might receive some responses later as your thread is still new.


Priscilla  :cheers:

Patience is actually my middle name.  :kiss:

It's an ok credit card, other than 0 % interest free I didn't see any other benefit. SABB has something similar too I believe.

0% for how long?

6 - 18 months...

Thanks bro

Got a call from Samba today and asked me few questions. They told me my application will be approved and I would be getting the card in 3 days.

Thanks for the insight Hamudi, do I still need to do something when I receive the card like registering it for the 0% Taqseet? Or I could just storm in front of Jarir and buy the gadget?

Normally you need to inform jarir or call the samba customer service. I bet they didn't tell u after a year there is a fee ?

If 300 SAR will be the annual fee, that will not be an issue. It's standard for all CC in the world to have that.

hamudi :

6 - 18 months...

I remember that it is 0% as long as u finish it between 6 to 12 months and never late on the monthly payments !!

Bump on this. Still haven't got my credit card. They said it was approved and will be shipped via FedEx. Never actually thought it'll be a loooong process acquiring a CC here.  :mad:

Bump again for anyone who might be in the same ordeal as I am. LOL!

SMSA shipping company called me today that I will be receiving my CC within 48 hours.
What a relief!  ;)

ok I got the CC now.  :thanks:

where did you submit your application bro? i also have my requirements ready, but i am still keeping it on hold.

How was the experience of Samba jarir CC? Would you like to share? Thanks

I want to ask that  if i have no any bank account then i apply samba jarir credit card

Shano19990 :

I want to ask that  if i have no any bank account then i apply samba jarir credit card


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