thinking of moving to spain(Jaen) - Any info about Jaen?

Hi My name is Debbie
I am thinking of moving to Spain and would appreciate any advice anyone could give regarding health care, job opportunities etc.
I am looking at moving to Jaen, any feed back on this area of Spain would be welcome.

Hello Debbie,

Welcome on board  :)

To have an overview, you may go through the Living in Spain Guide.

Why did you choose Jaen ? any special reason ?


Thanks for the info, i haven't  actually chosen Jaen yet i have seen a property there that looks interesting.
Do you have any info on Jaen?

Debbie property is fairly cheap throughout spain but bear in mind distances from doctors hospitals shops ect we were fortunate to live in the centre of these but be out in the suburbs  Spains a big country rent dont like then move rent again dont buy until your perfectly sure this is where your gonna live good luck Eddie

Hi Eddie
Thank you for the info, i was actually thinking of that last night, seems the sensible option.


Debbie renting can cost from around 250 to 700 euros per month ,an  average decent rental around 450  per month ,secondly renting in a seaside resort yeh lovely for the beach and night life but do you want to live where its noisy and crowded in the summer and deserted in the winter.we live near gibraltar which gives us access to english supermarkets and an airport housing ,well a detached house three bed  garage pool cost around 180,000 eurosand new apartrments seaside around 80.000.its essential you get a rept lawyer bi lingual  any further help call me Eddie.

Hi Eddie
That is really informative  thank you.
what is the job situation like where you live? I would need to secure some part time work as i am not at retirement age yet. I currently work in an office environment but am looking to get away from that if i can.
In your experience what would be the best areas ti live in?

debbie when we came here in the uk i had a very well paid job as did my wife we both got jobs in safeways at a much lower rate of pay but found we managed much better,costa del sol ,well its almost bar work .unless you have a contact we are very near gibraltar so no problem for language and,work try to pay your nat ins stamps as it could affect you in the future for a pension,i lost a percentage of mine. there fore i can only rec this area eddie

Hi Debbie.

We moved to Spain in August of 2012, with our two kids.    ***.   :-)  Heidi / Wagoners Abroad

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I teach in English in Jaen city.    I live about thirty minutes from the city centre.  We are the only English in the village.  Loving life at the moment.

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