Looking for Expats moms who has kids in International school

Hi, I'm Singaporean mom who is in a dilemma whether to follow my hubby to relocate to Shenzhen with my 13yo son. I'm looking for an International school which offers IB diploma but was shocked to find out that the school fees is exorbitant such as ISNS and SIS.  Please advise are there other good schools which are less expensive.  Any other advices are greatly appreciated and welcom. :-)

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You may go through the different topics under the Schools & studies in Shenzhen and also check the contacts in the business directory : Education in Shenzhen

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Thanks Bhavna.  :)

You can try Recognize International Academy in Shekou. PM me i will give you the contact information

Hello! Have you tried Shen Wai International School? It's at Nanshan District. Offers IB and has a great campus.

Thanks mommycarrie.  I didn't know about this school but will definitely check it out. :)

Hi Nelie,
Am interested in the Recognise school. May I hav the contact number please?

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