Willing to perform Hajj - Help to find guide and Agency

Dear all
I am staying in Riyadh and will to perform hajj this year with my wife and 5years old daughter. Please guide me to chose the agency. Also I need to know will they are going to charge for my daughter, if yeas how much it will cost.
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Dear all
Please find the link for local Hajj Registration. … swid=-5198

I am looking for Job for my brother as a ***HAJ KHADIM / VOLUNTEER*** in Makkah / Madina, He would like to greatly honour by working as a volunteer / helper during haj period only, if any one have information for the procedure to apply this brother is in India and he wants to travel to saudi arabia from india for haj period only to serve haj pilgrim.

you should check your embassy for hajj volunteer. You will go through your country embassy to represent and to guide people from your country. its is necessary to perform hajj before to become a volunteer.

If you brother is in Saudi Arabia and Pakistani national, you should must search & contact PHVG Pakistan Hajj Volunteers Group. They're doing a wonderful service and always look for passionate Volunteers every year.

if you go to Hara , Pakistani area, past lahori khabay restaurant , on the same road on the right comes another restaurant i forgot its name , next to this restaurant is an open ground , where you can park your car , in the front is a mosque that organises Haj tours , by Indian guys , they are not expensive 4 years ago they cost 7000 riyals per head , i am not sure if they will charge for a 5 year old child or not

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