International School Hunting - For My 7 Years Old Son

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I have another thread on Nilai International school. But, I thought of creating this new thread to share my findings after some due diligence done of shortlisted schools that within reasonable travelling time and also within my budget. Hope this info could benefit to some that are in my shoe.

My location : Taman Desa, Old Klang Road
My budget : Per annum - RM30,000 (max), preferably 20K.
International School curriculum - British curriculum

My son situation:
Recently we bring him to Child Phychiatrist. Dr believe that he has mild degree of ADHD, but concluded that he does not need to go to special school and could learn as normal kid with some medical help. He is not performing well in Government Chinese school. I believe that's partly due to chinese being 3rd language for him. and Secondly due to his ADHD syndrome of not being able to focus very well. This has improved as we started on medical help on him.

Our expectation of new school for him:
1. English as primary medium. As english is 2nd language for him (he speaks to father in english). His native language is Thai (mother being thai).
2. Less academic result oriented. More interactive and fun-filled type of learning/teaching, and move away from the typical spoon fed and academic result driven type of learning.
3. Able to appreciate my son's situation and willing to help

After school visit, I have shortlisted 3 schools. Asia Pacific, Taylor KL, and Taylor Puchong.
Note that I only consider schools that within 40 min traveling from my house, and less than 30K per year. So, I didn't explore all schools.

Here's table of my findings that drive me to the short listed schools.[at]N05/shares/Cr4T56

Hope this can be helpful to others.

I would comment only that I think you may find Taylors KL rather more academic because of the clientelle, although it does have an array of amazing subjects of interest outside the normal curriculum. It has been through a rebranding process as it was a school without a good reputation a couple of years ago and Taylors owned it then.

My gut feeling is that the fees are kept low to attract pupils, and indeed quite a few expats have their children at the school so it is working. It does have the Malaysian school holidays, so its a hybrid school really - but this may be good as your son would be off when his neighbours are out of school (think about this aspect). Whether the fees will be hiked up in a year or so is an interesting question. I will find the previous name of the school so you can see the complaints that were made about it.

Access to Taylors KL would be horrendous as the traffic is horrible in Ampang.

Found the name - the school was called Sri Garden.

In addition to intl schools, there are also many less expensive private schools / homeschooling centres in that region, definitely worth checking out!

I know a kid named Jacob from Brisbane with Asperger and hyperactive condition. Jacob could never sit still and non-stop touching items belong to others. The parents followed doctors' advice and gave him medicine. The mum tried 5 local schools and all failed at the end. In one school Jacob was locked up in storage room. In other schools he was either bullied or the school complained him not returning to classroom after recess, the teachers said he was on the field looking at something attracted to him. Few years later the family moved to Singapore for job, they sent Jacob to a one-to-one type of private education. He now learns at his own pace, no medication and he is very happy.

Sir Ken Robinson in his TED talk ( ) mentioned a young lady who had ADHD was sent to see specialist for solution, it was later found out that she is natural dancer so she went to a dance school instead of the traditional one.

No one school will fit all students, as parents we will just have to keep exploring. So keep your options open, maybe a non-mainstream school with smaller class size will suit him. Is there any Montessori (not nursery) or Rudolf Steiner primary school available in Malaysia??

Hi maxelas, you might be interested in the this message posted by someone called Aliaalia32 … 51&p=2

" Hi
If anyone looking for IGCSE centre that not only caters for normal children but also for children with dyslexia and other mild learning problems, then you should go to Q Academy in taman tun dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. My twins who are now in year 10 are dyslexic and they are very happy in this centre although they were formerly studying in the UK. I had to bring them back to Msia  as I am now working here. I am fortunate to have finally found a school  that caters to their needs. Teachers here are very good, understanding and willing to go extra mile to help my twins.
The centre is located in :  Q Academy Sdn Bhd, No 2B (2nd floor), Jalan Wan Kadir 1, taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. Tel no (03) 77313468/0122224043 Ms Lilian Tan"

From their website

About Us
Who are we?

Q Akademi is an IGCSE centre which focuses on preparing students aged 10 to 17 for Cambridge IGSCE academic qualifications.

Q Akademi’s education services have strong emphasis on languages namely, English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin, to give its students a solid language foundation. Other subjects currently offered are Maths, Additional Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Combined Science, Social Studies, ICT, Accounts, Business Studies and Travel & Tourism.           Additional subjects may be added as the need arises.

Why choose us?

We offer
##Opportunities to fast track
##Flexible age entry (Entry Test will determine student’s academic level, not his age)
##Small classes (max 10 students)
##Quality teachers
##Affordable fees
##Regular assessments
##Conducive learning environment
##Selectives for home schoolers
##Opportunities to students who learn differently (examples – mild dyslexia, ADD, ADHD)

Hi, I know a guy. He is a Neuro Doctor himself. He also teaches my kids.
He is going to open a school this July in KL.
I don't know if this can be of any help, but you can try emailing him and maybe he can help. I hope all will be well.

email chairman[at]

Good Luck

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